An Early Birthday Present

hello and happy Tuesday!  I am starting to like Tuesdays...not as much as Thursdays, but I like them. Is it terrible that I like Tuesdays because of a TV show?  Keep in mind I truly only watch like 2 a week... most of the time the TV is on something like Mighty Machines is on.  Why do little boys find this so interesting? Anyhow, I love the New Girl and I think my little hyena has a crush on Zooey.  He goes around singing  the theme song.  That is okay... she is on the preapproved list of people allowed to be crushed on by the males in this house.

The other day I got a little early birthday present.  Most men buy their wives jewelry.  My Mr. bought me the stuff to create my own!

I have always loved necklaces. And I love vintage inspired jewelry.  Simple necklaces are probably my favorite.  

So he found these little tokens by accident and thought they would make great necklaces.  And they do!  Many of them have little initials, some have fun little bells and trolleys.  And, while I really love my necklace, I love the supplies he designed for me.

He is the intricate artist of the family.... I sketch ideas, but when it comes to drawing detail work, it is the Mr. that is the artist.  I have been after him to create me a little coat of arms for Vintage Junky for quite some time (I adore shield shapes!)  And I was so happy to get a stamp with this little coat of arms... it plays a little off of the stamps on English Ironstone...they have a unicorn and lion flanking the center design.  I have a jackrabbit and a labrador... quite fitting for me *seriously tearing up thinking about my sweet lab*

So there it is... my very own line of simple jewelry.  

So, I am looking at a half bare Christmas tree.  It needs some attention and so does the rest of the house.  I am going slowly this year... just putting up a bit at a time, but I hope to have it all finished by the end of the week.  We have a busy few days ahead of us... or as my Thomas loving boy says "we have a lot of special jobs to do!"

bye for now!


  1. You know what I love most?
    That your husband just "gets" you!


  2. Michelle, those are great, and the coat of arms is so special! Your Mr. really gets and knows what you want, gotta love that!! Happy early birthday to te de la te da!

  3. Thoughtful hubby! Those necklaces are so cute!

  4. I love it when I see other people that "get" each other! You two are too cute :)
    Love the necklaces too!! Why the heck do you live so far away from Tara and I again?!


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