Lucky Girl

First off, I don't really believe in "luck."  Except in dealing with bingo and raffles... gambling of all kinds basically.  And, of course, the elusive blogging giveaways.  So, I am here to tell you that I have hit the giveaway jackpot!!  I am even going to brag a little bit... hope you don't mind... I am not a very good winner! First off, I won this apron a few weeks ago:

I won it from Miss Mustard Seed, but it was donated by the fabulous Caroline Joy.  Miss Mustard Seed picked my (our) studio out of all the fabulous entries that week.

Then I found out I won a surprise from Gypsy Brocante... I am waiting on pins and needles!
And, do you know why I won it?  Because we have the same vehicle... well, I guess it is Mr. Hughes' vehicle, but I talked him into it, so it totally counts!  It is an '89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  Ladies, let me tell you, it is a man magnet!!  You would think it was a Porsche or something... they cross parking lots to talk to him about it.  So, if you are single and want some dates, look up your local Craigslist ads to find you one!

Then, I won this:

from Jessica of Living Better Together.  Now, I like my wine... and now it will be even easier to get my glass half full ( ahem... overflowing!)

THEN, I was reading early, early Sunday morning and I found out that I won Jana's (from Twig) giveaway.

A handmade banner

A bottlebrush wreath

a gift certificate to Ruche and a cute surprise pair of socks!

So, yes, be jealous of me in all my winning glory!  I am a little disappointed that I didn't win a certain gift certificate from Anthropologie... you know who you are... don't worry, I haven't deleted you from my bloglist yet! *wink*  And, don't think I will forget all of this swag I am getting.... my 100th post is coming up in 5 posts and I will have some lovelies to give away!

And, speaking of lovelies, my wonderful husband surprised me by looking in my etsy favorites and getting me this for my birthday yesterday.


it is from BKMHattitude  and I love it!  I also got a very sweet silhouette necklace with my favorite little guy's profile.  Mr. Hughes actually made it.  And, a wonderful photo book with photos from our Where the Wild Things Are photo shoot.  My mom and sister got me some clothes and mom gace me some cash for the studio... can't wait to buy some supplies!

So, keep reading for my 100 post giveaway... I will try to time it that the winner will receive it after all the holidays are over so that there will be something to look forward to!


  1. Aw!!! Congratulations! And Happy Birthday!!!

    Looks like Christmas came early for you, my dear... Enjoy!

  2. WOW! Congratulations, that's some loot! Enjoy..

  3. wow!!! how cool to win all of that amazing stuff! and you've got a winner of a man to look in your Etsy favorites for that hat and to create the necklace (pictures, please!)! and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (i've been so bad about getting around to the blogs lately...)

  4. Congrats on all the *wins*!! :) You've got some awesome stuff there. AND, I adore your hat! The hubs did good! :)


  5. Oh I'm so jealous you are a lucky girl! And oh Mr. H - nice job with the gifts!

  6. Hmmmm, I smell a fix here...


    You are a *stinker*!
    And yes, I will most certainly be jealous, it is my God-given right as an only child.

    Congrats, oh worthy one!

  7. Congrats you lucky girl! Happy Birthday too

  8. Oh my about lucky and what wonderful giveaways they are. Well done you. I hope that you had a wonderful day on your birthday. I'm sure that you did with a lovely husband like you have. What a great present he bought you. Enjoy your giveaways. XXXX

  9. Wow! If I were you I would run out right now and buy a lottery ticket!!!!!!

  10. SHUT UP you lucky dog!!!! Holey big fat cow... you hit the free loot Jackpot! I am thrilled for you. I am the one that never wins as well. So I know how excited you have to be. The Jeep story, LOVE it! I would take me an old Wagoner anyday! Hugs, Janna

  11. Man I love that apron.

    We used to have an old jeep wagoneer with the side paneling. It caught fire on the side of the freeway after overheating. I had forgotten all about that car.


  12. Sorta reminds me of the time my husband snuck into MY favorites and surprised me..... ;)

    You're one lucky charm, girl!

  13. well, happy birthday friend! i am so glad you had a good one! and that husband, he is good! i would love to see pix of the other gifts! enjoy all your goodies! xo

  14. Happy Birthday to you!! You are one lucky girl!!!!!



  15. How lucky are YOU!!! Oh i love your bottle brush wreath!!! happy birthday to YOU!!! what sweet gifts you were given, Wishing you many birthday wishes,




  17. That is a LOT of fabulousness! LOVE your bday gift, gorgeous!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

    Charmed giveaway!

  18. Wow! Coming from a girl who never wins anything, you're one lucky duck!

  19. Woo hoo! Good going. Have fun with all your new goodies!

  20. You need to play the Lotto girl! Check out my blog and see what I won! I'm the lucky one. I would take what I won over all you won.

  21. What the heck???? You are a lucky lady.

    I never win a darn thing.

  22. Congrats to you, lucky girl!! My turn at the next ones, right?? In response to your query re Pacific NW..who knows anymore! It used to be, for me, pret-ty fabulous. This year alone we've broken the record high and low at Seatac airport. x

  23. Well - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!! That hat is adorable. I hope you had a great day and wishes for a wonderful year to you. I can't believe your luck with winning all these great items, so cool!

  24. Lucky girl! Sounds like you sleep with a horse shoe under your pillow!

  25. hi there....i finally posted pics of what i did with my naked lampshades...come by and let me know what you the way...happy birthday and love that hat.....jules

  26. what a lucky, lucky girl you are! How stinkin fun!

  27. You lucky duck! You won some excellent stuff.

  28. I was lucky enough to stumble here while googling 'cutting paper snowflakes'...I linked to your snowflake pdf.
    Love your blog!


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