Vintage Charm Stockings

I am fickle when it comes to some things.  And, stockings are one of them.  We made some the 1st Christmas that we were together.  They were cute and had all kinds of felt appliques on them.  But, they were small... hard to fit anything inside.  Then, last year, on a whim,  I bought some 99 cent red felt ones with ricrac from Target.  Baby Hughes needed a stocking and I was having a hard time not putting up the matching one for our beloved doggie that passed away before Christmas last year.  So, this year, I wanted something cuter and more personal than the ones from last year.  So, I made these vintage inspired stockings.  Mr. Hughes made a pattern and cut them out while I was keeping the monster busy.  Then I glued (yes, glue, I did not lug out the sewing machine) the front and back sides together.  Then I embellished them with little trinkets.

Mr. Hughes' stocking has a vintage handkerchief for a cuff...

and some pocket watch faces sewn on.  I used some vintage bias tape and a big button to make the loop.

Baby Hughes' stocking has a cuff out of ticking that I had left over from reupholstering a chair.

His charms include a little vintage cowboy figure and a rodeo charm and small round button (it may be a bell, let's call it a bell.)  Then, I made his loop out of fat ricrac and a big button.  His button reminds me of the ones on snowmen.

My stocking's cuff is made out of a doily.

I added some rhinestone broaches.  The loop on this one is made out of some silky grey bias tape and sewn on with a grey button.  I was going for feminine and may have ended up with old lady....
I added our initial by using silver Rub and Buff over a set of tiny vintage stencils.  The paint we had was too transparent, but I like the look of the Rub and Buff on the linen like fabric.
I may continue to use these and just add on each year as I find different small treasures

I also made a little banner after Mr. Hughes ordered these really cool grey toe tags.

Right now, it is hanging on the mirror wall in our entry... not entirely sure I love it there, so it may move.

I used some old unmatched printer's blocks to stamp "Joyeux Noel" on the paper and metal round tag.  Then, I cut out some tiny, tiny snowflakes.  I traced the edge in glue and added some Martha Stewart glitter.  Then I put it all together with the same silvery, silky bias tape.  I then tied them all on a big fat grey grosgrain ribbon and hung it up.

And, even though this was entirely Mr. Hughes project (I just okayed the idea and chose grey as one of the colors) I thought I would show you what our Christmas cards look like this year.

When he puts up a tutorial on The Upcycler, I will link to it.  These are one sided cards that he made by making block cuts and stamping them on the paper.  It was a process and I am making it sound much easier than it was.  But, I think they are cute... don't know if they win Coco's Cutest Christmas Card Contest or not, but we like them.
Well, I am off to wrap some more presents!  Can you believe Christmas is next week?


  1. Love the stockings, this is something that perhaps should be in your Etsy shop. Love them!

    And you DO know that the Christmas card contest in all in my head, don't you? It has been going on since I was 8. Sad but true.

    Your house makes me jealous. And makes me want to paint my cabinets white.

  2. Loving them super cute... I love the rodeo pin so stinkin sweet :)


  3. My stockings are very similar to yours this year....they gave me fits, though! I love how yours turned out, that you gave each one some "personality". I would've loved to do the same except I have 6 kids, and I'd be sewing stockings all year round :)

  4. Adorable stuff!! I made stockings this year too - they were so fun to do and I just kept making more!!

  5. I adore those stockings! And the banner! So gorgeous.

  6. Charming stockings! Literally...I love all the charms!!!Actually all your projects are great...the banner and cards too!
    :) Laura

  7. I always want to change stockings.... but my family want to keep the ones they have.... i love yours, so cute.The banner is adorable! Oh you've been having such fun,

  8. All of your projects turned out very cute! I especially like your stocking w/ the doily edge and the glittery pins. Merry Christmas!

  9. This is why I love your blog! Look at all that vintage goodness used in real life...I love it!
    It's all so inspiring!!

  10. How charming those vintage stockings are!!!

  11. These stockings are fabulous! AND just what I was looking for. I guess I gotta make me some this weekend!! Very inspiring.

  12. i LOVE them! I love that little cowboy trinket on there. Nice work!!!

  13. those stocking are darling. love them! Lori

  14. Your stockings are just perfect!
    Love all your creations!

  15. Michelle, your stocking are just darling...darling, personal for the boys in your family and I think your stocking looks very feminine and girlie...! happy weekend~

  16. Absolutely adorable!!! I love that you glued them...finally a project a non sewer like me can do! The addition of the pocket watch faces is my favorite!!

    I need some grey those!!

    :) T

  17. Sweet stockings, friend! :) I was planning to make me some stockings this weekend...and I like you, was planning to glue them! LOL! :) My sewing machine and I aren't on speaking terms these days...she is broken...AGAIN. Happy weekend!


  18. VERY sweet stockings!

    I'm jealous. We don't have any this year. I refused to put out the denim patchwork ones from like 10 years ago. I want WHITE! But am too lazy to make them. So.. I used jute sandbags hung off chairs.

    I still want white ones.. sigh..


  19. Absolutely precious stockings!!!! I wish I could sew--that is such a fun skill--and you're so great at it! ;)


  20. Ummm...obviously I didn't read CLOSELY enough--(can you tell I am supposed to be watching a movie with the hubby, but wanted to blog??!!)....ha, ha!! REGARDLESS of how your cute stockings were made--they are absolutely beautiful!!

    Love and hugs!

  21. They're all wonderful, but i especially love the ones with the brooches -- so divine!

  22. I had NO IDEA that your husband had a blog! You are just FULL of surprises! What a talented family. :-)

    I love all the stockings, but I love Baby Hughes' best, can't beat that little cowboy. Hey, it's the cowgirl in me, what can I say? ;-)

    Merry Christmas!

  23. the stockings have so much character. i love that!

  24. I must know more about the "silver rub and buff" you described for monogramming your stockings. I thought I had heard of every known craft item, but I suppose not.

  25. Hi there,
    First of all, I'm so sorry that I've missed a few of your posts. I think what it is, is the fact that all the blogs in my sidebar are in alphabetical order and by the time I get down to 'V' i'm so tired of commenting that you sometimes get missed. My new years resolution will be....make sure that you comment on Vintage Junky's blog !! I will try starting at the bottom and working upwards !!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and many happy times for you, Mr. Hughes and baby Hughes.....oh, and your stockings are brilliant...... and mny thanks for your kind words about my 'HOME'. XXXX

  26. I was directed here from the Brooklyn Limestone blog. I love all of your snowflake and Christmas decorations--beautiful! Would you mind sharing the name of the aqua/teal paint you used in your dining room? It's beautiful! (I can't wait until I finish my semester so I'll have time to start looking through your archives!)

  27. LOVE the stockings! Especially the one with the little cowboy on it! Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas!!!

  28. Very cute! I finished our new stockings yesterday - all white this year ( of course) I sewed on all thelittle bells , mmmm, maybe hot glue would have worked :0)
    Merry Christmas, Michelle!


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