Things Are A'Changing Around Here

Hello all!  So, I have been sitting on some news about some thoughts about changing our dynamic around here.  I didn't really know how to put it since I was feeling a little sad at first.  So, I will just blurt it out in true Michelle fashion.  We are closing the shoppe.  This is the last weekend that the shoppe will be open on a regular basis.

Now, that being said, I feel that I should offer somewhat of an explanation.   When we opened the shoppe, I started taking on custom painting jobs since I had more room to spread out and paint.  I would work on them alongside the pieces I was working on to sell in the shoppe and my booth.  The custom painting side of my little business has grown and grown to the point that I am now squeezing in my pieces to paint alongside the custom pieces.  There is only so much time and we have cut into our open hours over the past few months to give me more time to get the pieces finished.  Besides the painting, I also have wholesale clients that I have to create products.  Not to mention my #1 employee has been pretty busy with his own work!

So, the decision was made for me to go to full time painting.  I will still keep my booth at Winchester Antiques and there is always my etsy shoppe that will be restocked more frequently since I won't have to watch like a hawk to make sure items are taken down if they sell in the shoppe.  We are planning some pop up type shoppe sales closer to Spring when it is prettier.  I will announce those here and on Facebook. I will still paint at the shoppe and we are hoping to carve a little studio for the Mr there too.

This is bittersweet for me.  I am thrilled to still be doing what I love.  But, I loved having the shoppe open.  We have made so many friends through the shoppe... we see some of them more than we see some of our family.  I am excited to have a little more leeway in our schedule.  Some weekends we have missed out on doing things since we were open. Even though change is hard, I do like it.  I like just enough change so things aren't boring, but right before chaos ensues *wink*

I am so blessed to have been giving this opportunity and to still be doing something I love, albeit in a different facet.  Thank ALL of you guys that have supported me in my little dream.  I can't say that enough... without your support and kind words of encouragement, this wouldn't have happened.   This isn't goodbye... like I said I will still be there, so pop by and say hi.

bye for now~


  1. Oh Michelle, I understand your decision completely, and applaud you for doing what I know is hard, but rewarding at the same time. We had to stop taking in custom orders because they were cutting into our time to work on things for the shop - so I get it. Now I know that I can refer people to you for that.

    I know you'll be well blessed in whatever you do. Will you still be doing shows like Bella?

  2. Sounds like you had to make a tough decision, Good Luck with the custom painting side of your business and etsy!

  3. Well, I am sure you will be such a success with doing custom painting, and such an exciting new venture! Best wishes to you!! xo Heather

  4. I totally get what you're saying! Good for you for realizing an opportunity for positive change. Best of luck, and you will still blog and show us what you're painting right???

  5. Best of luck Michelle! I love that you are willing to adapt and go with what makes you happy. It's so important to follow your heart!


  6. Well, shoot! Totally get it though. Good luck as you continue doing the painting you love. I will try to check out your booth sometime!

  7. Changes are SO often bittersweet but having to close because you have TOO much work is not bad at all! But the daily interactions with customers will be missed I'm sure! I'm glad you're still going to post though!


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