Last Weekend at the Shoppe

hello!  Well, last weekend at the shoppe was the last weekend at the shoppe.  I explained it all here last week.  It was wonderful!  Almost all our favorite people came in, some with treats in tow *wink*  And, while I know that we are going to have sales on the lawn when it is nice and I know the friends I made there are for life, I was still a little sad yesterday.  I went in to paint a few client pieces and decided to take down the open/closed sign on the door permanently along with the hours decal.  And I was sad.  This little shoppe has been a dream for so long and while I am happy with the direction it has taken me, change is still hard sometimes and it is almost always bittersweet.  Over the next week or so, I hope to give the place a through cleaning...  you imagine it gets a bit dusty in there *smiles* ...and get the front spic and span so we can make a proper studio for the Mr's work.  We have worked in the same space before, so I am hoping that we can still get along *double, triple wink*

But, there are plusses to to not being committed to a shoppe that you run yourself.  Like, going to the  farmer's market on Saturday.  And, signing the little man up for soccer and us both being there for the games.  And, the chance to travel over the weekends with the Mr. And, most importantly, having a bit more downtime/ creative time.  Oh, I am so greedy with time!  If I could find a way to cut out sleep and the need for it, I would totally do it.  There are always so many things I can think of doing!  But then again, I do like a little time for an impromptu nap.  Plus, I still have my booth that I can fluff and hunt for.  Plus, who is to say that I won't open a shoppe in the future, when the boy decides that  I am not cool or fun to be around anymore.

So, another thank you for all the near and far support.  We truly appreciate you!  

Now, I am off to see if the bird that is trying to get in the house through the laundry room dryer vent has succeeded.  I think I have decided I dislike birds a great deal.

bye for now~


  1. Michelle,
    Just sending good wishes as your journey takes a turn. Here's hoping you the best with more creative time and family time. Life is short so you have the right idea. Good luck.

  2. Change is bittersweet. You can be proud of all of your accomplishments and look forward to more adventures! I kick-started my little shop after my youngest went off to school full-time...lo and behold, a new baby arrived 1 yr later and started a whole new chapter in our lives(a really busy one!). You just never know what life is going to bring. I love how you are open and ready for whatever comes your way. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Change can be so hard, but it looks like all your plusses will definitely bring much joy to you and your family! Wishing you a sweet week! ;) xo Heather

  4. I often think of that phrase that goes like this: The essence of life is change.

    Good for you for pursuing a dream and making it happen but also for realizing when things needed to change. It would have been far worse to keep going, only to resent the way things may have become.

  5. Enjoy your freedom! Of course you need to go to your little one's soccer games-never miss those if possible! Hope you keep blogging so we can see all your inspirational projects!

  6. It's going to be wonderful! Remember that scene in You've Got Mail where Maureen Stapleton says that to Meg Ryan? It's you have time to do some of the things you've been missing while STILL pursuing your passion! It's all good!!


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