Friday Etsy Favorites

Happy Friday!  I just checked my phone and it is 18 degrees.  Yes, 18!!  There is a light dusting of snow on the ground and both the big man and the little man are still cozy in bed.  I am trying to figure out what I am going to use as "glubbs" when the little man wakes up (any time now) and demands to go play in this.  Oh, and he only wears converse.  So, nothing to keep his hands or his feet warm and dry.  We just aren't prepared for this.  I know by the time I run to Target and get him some boots and mittens it will be 70 here.  It would be a bit easier if he wasn't so picky about shoes and would let me get him some mittens in the first place.  Anyhow, I went through my etsy favorites to try to find a theme and I can't find one, so here are a few things I am crushing on this week:

I have been totally smitten with her globes for awhile now.  They are amazing!  

this just needs to be mine

Remember when Mr Incredible says this to his family?  Also, the short at the end with the babysitter is hilarious and so much like my little man
found~ gusandlula

I have a printed pillow from this shoppe and it is so lovely.  This one has me wishing for new shams too
found~ giardino

One thing I am always looking for is nice, preserved butterflies.  These are pretty and you can frame them how you like.
found~ becaruns

This house is so very Downton.  I haven't been able to watch this season (we don't get any channels anymore and I haven't had time to sit and watch my favorite shows online.) Someone in this house has. And try as I may to not see any spoilers on Facebook, that someone blurted what happened last week. Ugh.  Anyhow, isn't this hat lovely?
found~ behidadolic

I love these pretty twiggy stacking rings

I think this is pretty good advice
found~ littlebostonprintshoppe

baby hughes ( aka little man, monster, hyena, whathaveyou) is cuddled up next to me now and hasn't made a mention of the s word, so we have a Thomas movie in and may just declare today pajama day.  I would like to find some "glubbs" though.  We don't see the white stuff very often. Have a great weekend everyone!

bye for now~

I have mentioned it before, but these are in no way paid/sponsored posts.  I truly have each item in my favorites.  If you do pin these images, please visit the actual etsy shoppe in the link provided and pin from there.  Thanks!


  1. I so enjoy reading your blog posts. It's about 5 degrees w/ an even lower windchill factor here in central Iowa. My littlest is still in her pj's, and I think she'll stay in them for a while. Thanks for the inspiration...

  2. Pretty goodies!! Love the yellow hat!! Wishing you a sweet and cozy weekend! xo Heather

  3. Love your Friday Favorites posts! You always find the neatest things :) Happy GLUBBS day ;) Maybe throw a pair of thick wool socks on his digits!

  4. These are great! I live in San I won't mention what the weather is like;o) Hope you have a super cozy weekend.


  5. Thank you so much!! What a beautiful post!

  6. You have a knack for getting great finds. I especially love the throw pillows and the rabbit necklace. Fabulous!


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