Long time, No Post

hello there!  I have been so bad with posting and taking photos, but that is summertime for you, even if it isn't officially here.  We have been busy.busy.busy here... more on that later... lots of fun and exciting stuff!  We are living it up a bit before the hyena starts preschool... I signed him up for a summer session.  Anyone that has met him knows that he doesn't need the social interaction *wink*  But, we want him to be ready for kindergarten when it comes... either in one or 2 years... he has an August birthday and is pretty wild!

One of the things I managed to finish was framing my sampler.  I have since added some other things to this wall.

I painted the frame a really pale grey and I am pleased with how it turned out.  I have since done a few more embroidery projects... I will share those soon!

I have been working on this room.  I think I have the Mr convinced to get rid of this sofa and move the one from downstairs and recover it.  In what, I don't know.  Don't hate, but I really don't want a white slipcovered sofa.  Even if you can wash it, it just isn't me.  I am thinking something tweedy or velvet.... the sofa upstairs has great lines and if it didn't have some fading and a few holes from a certain beloved puppy chewing on a knife on the sofa (a very, very long time ago,) then it would be perfect, color and all.  So, if any of you have a non white sofa, please link to it in the comments!  I would love to check it out!!

We also hung up a piece of really chippy picture rail and I ordered some hooks.  Now, I can't decide if I want the frames empty or not.... hmmm.... decisions...

I do love how light the living room is looking with the lighter paint and a few white pieces of furniture.  I want to change the coffee table up  and I still have my green modern-ish chairs.  I thought they sold, but some Craigslist people no- showed.  I also changed out the black shade to a new design of mine that I made the other night.  See... even if I haven't been blogging, I have been busy!

And, I relocated the silhouettes upstairs and the Mr. even commented that he loved them on the wall color upstairs.  Okay, enough about me, how have YOU been?

Promise to share some fun surprises very soonly (baby hughes' new word... don't you dare correct him!)

bye for now~


  1. Love all the texture in you handi work. Great job.

    1. Hi Michelle:

      My grandson, Liam and I stopped by a couple of friday mornings ago. It was great meeting your family. Just wanted you to know how much you have inspired me to do my own thing.
      Love your work and spirit.

      I'm sure we will be stopping by soon.

      Blessings, Cindy:)

  2. Girl!!!! That sampler is awesome! Did you make it? So precious. Enjoy your little man this summer, and thanks for posting, I do miss them when you dont ; )

  3. I love those frames empty! I use empty frames as decor all the time:)

  4. Hi Michelle! We had leather furniture that I hated, and when my oldest son went off to a college apartment, I seized the opportunity to send the furniture with him! We had painted the kitchen and adjoining family room a warm toasty color, and I wanted a punch of color, but not a print. This is what we ended up with, and after a year of living with it, we're still really happy that we made the leap. http://www.la-z-boy.com/Product/6770-8386/Two-Seat-Sofa/
    I also got a chair that goes with it, and my DH has a chocolate brown recliner. It all works really well with the walls and carpet. Never did I think I'd have a red sofa, but I love it!
    -JoyceG in WA

  5. I love your sampler! It's so pretty, now I feel like it's time for me to get to work on some embroidery projects :).

  6. So young with such talent! Oh my, how I wish I had learned from my mom! Love everything you do!

  7. I love your sampler...it looks lovely hanging there above the vintage typewriter. You have inspired me. My very old Royal is on my foyer center table with some old books, I think I need to slip something inside it! BTW, I like the empty frames, especially for summer. It adds to the light feeling. Maybe change it out for the fall/winter months??

  8. Your sampler is beautiful! Our youngest daughter's birthday is the beginning of June, and we kept her home an extra year. She was ready scholastically, but needed that extra year to become more social. We've never regretted it!

  9. welcome back! I love your projects specially the silhouettes. I really hope you will post some tutorials.

  10. Love your sampler and the frame!! Perfect!! Your house is so pretty and inspiring!! Have a lovely weekend!! xo Heather

  11. Love your living room, Michelle, and that sampler, and that lampshade. Whew! You have been one busy girl!


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