The kitchen cabinets are almost completely finished. I just need to sand down a drip and paint the ceiling where the painters tape ripped off the paint down to the drywall. I hate painters tape. I don't think the pros even use it, so I am not sure why I continue to bother. I am planning on putting up corbels under the cabinets. I also have to put moulding on the back side of the glass cabinets. The glass wasn't easy to remove, so you can see the old cabinet color when you open them. So I am going to call this project 85% finished. I really like the look so far though. It is much brighter.

We have been out the past couple of weekends treasure hunting. Last weekend we went to the Flea Market at the State Fairgrounds. We figured it would be the only time we could go before it got too hot to bring Baby Hughes. He seemed to have a good time. We picked up quite a few goodies over the past 2 weekends. Some will get minor facelifts. I am planning on painting numbers on the white stools. We are going to put them outside once we get our deck finished, but I also think they could have a home under the console in the kitchen. I also really want to paint on the brown wicker laundry basket. Numbers or words, I haven't decided. I guess if it doesn't come out the way I want it then I will paint it all black. We will also paint the breadbox that we scored for $7. And, of course I couldn't pass up the ironstone at the Flea Market.
Here are a few photos of our finds and I am off to complete a few of my million projects.

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