One Finished Project!

Well, the living room is finally finished. Of course, it took much longer than we had planned. I laugh at the fact that we thought it would be finished in a weekend. It was so hard not having a living room for a week. I think that baby Hughes was really missing the large space to move around. We went ahead and completed the trim around the top. I decided that I really didn't want to move everything out of the living room again to do it. It turned out great. It isn't actually crown, it is two different types of moulding. I painted the space in between them the same color as the trim. Mr. Hughes seemed very happy that I didn't make him cope crown moulding around the existing fireplace moulding. Here is the completed living room (that is until I decide to change something!)

Here is a detail shot of the completed fireplace with the slate tile that we honed and waxed.... much better than the ceramic tile!

During all of this, our fence is being built.. Luckily, that doesn't involve labor from us. I am already planning our next projects; I have to take advantage of my 3 day weekends coming up. Next on the list.... painting the kitchen cabinets!

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  1. Love, love your home and your style. Absolutely fabulous - I'm so glad I found your blog.



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