New Year's Goals

Just by writing this blog post, I am meeting one of my goals this year: to blog more.  And, I have also blogged more in 2016 than in 2015 just by posting this today.  Some of you may notice some differences with the look around here.  During our snowy weekend, the husband updated my logo and all the graphics on my site and social media.  I've wanted a new look for awhile now, and I finally convinced him to show me what I wanted. Because, I don't know that I knew it until I saw it.

So, moving forward into the year and my goals/plans/dreams for it.  I like to call my resolutions "goals."  It sounds more fun, less tedious.  I think that resolutions have such a bad rap of being discarded around February.   Goals, however, seem like something fun and challenging.  Something you want to do.  I usually pick a few books that I want to read.  Or,  a new food I would like to try.  We typically all do this as a family on December 31st.  That way we can help each other along throughout the year.  Most years I do pretty well.  Last year I didn't make my goal of sewing a quilt, but it is on my list this year.  Mind you, it may be a super small quilt.

This year, I want to do better with houseplants. I never realized how much I was drawn to them until I looked back through some of my pinboards.  I am constantly pinning rooms with tons of houseplants.  And, I am not a successful house plant mother.  I am either over or under watering.  I can kill even the unkillable.  So, this may be a bit of a lofty and expensive goal, but there you are. I hope to have such lovely and bountiful houseplants that it will be necessary to hire a houseplant sitter should we go out of town.

Throwing a pot on the wheel has always been one of my goals.  I remember being little and looking through the JCPenney Christmas catalog and seeing that potter's wheel and wanting it.  This year though, it made the list and it was one of the first things I did.  A friend and I signed up for a class and these are from my first night.  Now, I didn't end up being this pottery prodigy like I was (not so secretly) hoping to be.  I really wanted to sit down and just become one with the clay.  Like it was this missing link from my life for so very long.  That wasn't the case.  It's not like I thought it would be easy, but I was hoping I would just have this natural skill for it.  Each time I seem to make a bowl.  Even though I was supposed to be making a mug.  But, it is challenging and I am making something that is useful... for copious amounts of cereal. 

Other things I want to make this year are a black and white marled sweater... really soft. I would like to try my hand at spinning some wool. And, I do want to give quilting a shot as well....maybe...if someone will come do the cutting for me.  I also hope to blog more and maybe get some decent photos of our new old house.  What are some fun goals you have set for yourself?

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  1. You make me smile. I taught myself to throw in high school. I had a teacher who let me do what I wished and I wanted to learn to throw. It is a wonderful, wonderful craft. Just keep trying, you are off to a good start.
    I wanted to comment about growing plants. I used to have a HOUSE FULL. There are some tricks. Know what direction the light in your house is coming from. North, South, East or West. Find plants that are recommended for that level of light. Do not under or overwater. I found that touching the soil and seeing if any stuck to my finger meant, no need for water, there is enough. When you give a drink, give a GOOD drink. Not a sip, enough that the water runs into the saucer underneath. Give the plant time to take in what is in the saucer, and if it has time and there is still water in the saucer, dumb the excess.
    I learned from an old book, Houseplants for the Purple Thumb. Now that you have the internet, you should look for plants that are hardy. But, remember, what might be easy for someone, is NOT easy for you. I used to kill ivy, which many say are easy.

    Do not give up. Even green thumbs have killed many, many plants. Many plants have lived with me and sometimes, it is their time to die.
    I believe that if you want to master anything, such as throwing pots or growing plants, you WIll be able because your desire and positive attitude will triumph.
    Can you tell I teach elementary school to struggling readers? Seriously, nothing is beyond any of us, when we have the will and confidence.
    Good luck and email me with any questions.


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