Goodbye Old House

Today is the day where everything is supposed to be final on the sale of our old home in Spring Hill.  I say "supposed" because nothing about this process of buying and selling has been easy.  It has been filled with stress.  We have felt so very unsettled for awhile now.  And, honestly, I haven't felt like sharing.  It started out as a very fun and exciting process to search for a new town and a new home.  It lost its luster.  We found our new town and our new home just in time.  We have been in our new (old!) home in Maryville for a couple of weeks, but there has been so much traveling and unpacking and stuff that we have a long way to go to feel really settled.  But, more about our new old home later. Now, I would like to give our first family house a proper goodbye.

We did a lot to this house.  We painted and painted and painted again.  I think the kitchen was the biggest overhaul that we accomplished (and my favorite.)

When we bought the house, it was a week before our wedding.  The night we closed, we came back and painted the dining room first thing.  We moved everything else in 2 weeks later.  It was such a chaotic time with so much going on at once.  

Our living room changed the most often.  We put in wood.  We painted a couple times. We changed the tile around the fireplace.  We changed out furniture.  We spent so much time in here.  

I will miss my flowers the most!  I am hoping that I can start a cutting garden next year, so I can have fresh flowers all the time. 

The one room that I spent the most time looking around and feeling the memories was my little guy's room.  This is where we brought him home.  It was such a relaxing and cozy little room.  He was a baby here.  He will never be a baby in the new house.

We (the Mr. actually) built the deck and we really enjoyed our backyard.  We planted lots of trees (for a subdivision anyhow.) We played ball.  The baby hughes learned to catch back there. The Mr. planted a veggie garden.  

We had many meals out there.  We had parties and dinners and I will miss our outdoor space.

This was a good house.  This was a home.  Our new house will never have our Kokoa.  Our new house will never have baby hughes as an actual baby.  We had so many happy memories there. 

We are so happy with our move though.  We love Maryville already. We had a great first full weekend here.  And, I love the new house.  It is smaller. And older.  And with that, there are some changes we have to make (hello one bathroom!) But, we love it and can't wait to fill it up with happy memories.

Goodbye old house!  Goodbye Spring Hill!

Hello Maryville!


  1. Lot's of memories in your old house...but more memories to come in your new home.
    I live in "Marysville, Wa." So Maryville must be a good place!!!

  2. I absolutely adore your website, total newbie here but our post today especially intrigued me when you started talking about a cutting garden...never heard of it before but looked it up and LOVE IT...being a total newbie to gardening and to flower gardening specifically a cutting garden which flowers would you recommend most for a cutting garden?

  3. Lovely post about your old home! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures with your new (old) house as you turn that into a home too :)
    Best of luck!

  4. This must have been bittersweet for you. And the whole house buying process stress wasn't helping matters. It seems that you were pressed for time on your house buying process? It's too bad it had to happen to you but at least you can now reminisce about this old house of yours and look forward to new memories in your new one!

    Arlene Keller @

    1. We were trying to get moved and settled before our little boy starts school. That was the only rush :)


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