Friday Faves!

Happy Friday!  It has been so long since I have done a Friday Favorites and I was going through my etsy and Pinterest feed and found so many lovely things to share.  Perhaps they will make your wish list too!

I love butterflies and moths and the colors and composition is so pretty on this print.  This artist also has a print that my little man loves! Found here

My husband does the cooking.  I know, I am a lucky lady.  Just the other day, he mentioned that we don't have a plate specifically for resting a spoon or a spatula on.  I just happened across this sweet dish and think it is perfect! Found here

I rarely buy calenders anymore since I have one on my phone.  And my computer.  And every year or so I will buy a cute planner that doesn't get used.  This one though is pure art! Found here

This shop sells the sweetest, simple little houses.  So charming! Found here

I have found that I start to love what my little guy loves.  And he loves what he calls train lanterns and has a little collection.  While this shirt isn't in his size, I think I may have to get one for myself.  Found here

I have been watching the evolution of this woodcut for awhile and was so excited to see the beautiful colors they chose for it.  I would love to get a print for our future home. Found here

Here is another piece of art that I would love to have- an original hand pulled stump print!  So beautiful! Found here 

And, here is something I have had on my wish list for so long!  I just need to see if I trust my optometrist with changing out the lenses in a pair of these wood sunnies! Found here

We had a fun Halloween!  I just realized that I haven't shared the little man's costume.  The Mr. took all the photos, so I will have to get those from him.  Hope you have a wonderfully fall weekend!

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