Last Weekend

This photo was shot on the opening day of our little local shoppe in Spring Hill.  This past weekend, we had our last sale at this location.  We were totally blessed by our customers.  So many came out to see us and visit and some took home some treasures with them.  We had a great time this weekend.  Almost everything was sold and what didn't sell will easily fit into my booth at Winchester Antiques.  I have had a lot of questions, comments, and emails over the past week or so, so I thought I would paraphrase the most asked questions here and answer them.

Why are you going out of business?  Did you lose money?

First, we aren't going out of business.  I still have my booth at Winchester in Franklin and will continue to have it as long as I am in comfortable driving distance to maintain it.  We never lost money at the shoppe.  We had great months and good months thanks to our wonderful customers and clients.  We closed the shoppe because we are planning on relocating from Spring Hill in the next year and we needed to get the ball rolling on paring stuff down for a move.  I still plan on custom painting from the house once I get the garage ready for that again and after my little man's birthday next month.  I like focus on one big thing at a time.

Will you open another store where you move?

So many factors go into that decision.  I would love to say yes, but I really don't know where we will be or what our lives will look like.  I will most likely always have a booth of some sort and I will still sell on etsy and wholesale my handmades.  That being said, we are looking for a place with a great local vibe.  A place that supports small business and enjoys quirky little shoppes. 

Why are you moving?

Why not?  We both enjoy change (the Mr and I, the boy, not so much) We have been wanting to move for awhile... see here.  Time got away from us and we realized that baby hughes isn't so much of a baby (I know, right?!?) and that he will be starting school in 2014.  So, when you factor in that we have to get our home market ready, sell it, find a place to live, and actually move, we should have started all this a few months ago.  We were talking the other day and realized that we will only really miss the people here.  We have made some great friends and we will miss them.  And visit them, of course.  And, some of them we will try to bribe  to move with us.  We don't want to constantly uproot our child, but the truth is, I love moving!  I have lived in this house for 7 years, and I really think that is the longest I have ever lived in one spot.  So, we are hoping this will be one of the few moves we make while he is young.

Where are you moving?

I think people are the most weirded out when they hear our reply to this one.  We honestly don't know yet.  We don't.  We are in a unique position to be able to work from most anywhere... the Mr. is at least.  It will take me some time to get settled.  We are really hoping for an older non- subdivision neighborhood in a safe place with decent schools with stuff to do.  We are drawn to East Tennessee.... the Tri- Cities area... but that could change if we find something we like better.  I would specifically like to live in a bungalow with lots of trees and the little man would like to live somewhere near an old train depot/yard that has a Mellow Mushroom within about 25 minutes.  We like music and art.  The Mr. thinks about the practical stuff and I worry about the charm.  Don't let him fool you though.... he will get disgusted with a cute house that has had all the charm removed though.  We would like to stay in Tennessee, if possible, but we are being open minded and praying about where we need to go.

Is Hazel (the camper) for sale?
Yes, for $10, 000!  That is the price I always put on her.  My little guy will be seriously disown me if I sell her.  If we can move our old girl, we will. Meaning, if she can make one last trip, we are keeping her.  We plan on having her checked out to make sure her axels are okay and that she is long trip worthy.  We are hoping to end up in a place with a backyard big enough for her.  We can't have her in our subdivision now.

I think those were the most asked, bit if you have another question, leave it in the comments and I am happy to answer it there.

As much as I love change and new experiences, I am sentimental about things.  I wonder who is going to move into the little building that I loved for 2 years.  We made some great memories and friendships through our little store on Hardin Alley and we will always cherish them. Thank you all for the support and love you have given me in this little area of my dream.


  1. Michelle, I have loved watching you on this magical journey with your own shoppe. You have been (and will still be) an inspiration to me. I love seeing your creativity, and love the involvement with your little family.

    I hope whatever happens, you find the best for all of you, and that it will be a great new beginning. So happy you have such loyal customers and that they enjoy your shoppes :)

    And just sayin, cuz I have to throw it out there {again}....Portland Oregon is full of adorable street lined bungalows, loves quirky, and is a fantastic place to raise a family. You guys would totally fit in. Did I mention there's a fabulous old train station in downtown PDX?? ;) Anywho, just had to throw out the big distraction 'what if'! LOL

    Can't wait to see everything unfold.

  2. Try Converse Heights in Spartanburg South Carolina. It fits your description to a tee. Old neighborhood, bungalows, trees, train town history, Mellow Mushroom across the street. :-)

  3. I would love to have you here in Fredricksburg, TX...The Hill Country...
    About an hour from Austin and Kerrville...lots of old homes, very good for a business like yours and even quaint little "Sunday Houses"...
    You will have to look that one up...
    You used to follow a blog on your page where the girl found a great place in Freds.
    I would just love it AND LOVE it, if you came here...

  4. Hi, I just found your site and found it very inspirational. Your talents are bountiful and I'm sure wherever you go you are sure to place your stamp of creativity there as well.
    Being from Texas I can assure you we have all sorts of places you can easily find unique and Lana is correct about Fredricksburg, but as a Texan I can also assure you that the costs have skyrocketed, what could easily be found as a bargain a few years ago have tripled, so please look around and patiently make your decision. Living just South of there in San Antonio, we too have faced some growing pains but you can still find some gems in the "Right" older historic parts of town.
    Yet, as a memeber of our unique "Antiquing" sisterhood I have recently found a love for Kansas and its untapped possibilites.
    We have recently bought a church with gorgeous stained glass windows as our vacation are quaint and can be found for less than a compact car...unbelievable what you can find in the center of our country. Take a look, you'll be surprised what you can find.


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