A Girlier Army Blanket

I love army blankets!  These thin, wool blankets are perfect for picnics and cuddling up outside on a cold night.  And, they are pretty durable if you keep them out of moths' reach.  I currently have 3 and am always on the lookout for more.  I love the tweedy, masculine look of them, but sometimes you need to feminize something.   The Mr. recently bought me the olive green one and I decided it needed something to adorn it since it didn't have any stripes.

I had been hoarding the last of this Amy Butler fabric (Lacework in Grey, I think.)  I love the doily like shapes of it.  I ironed on an interfacing to give it a little more body as I cut out the lacy shapes.  It made it much easier and didn't fray as I cut it out like paper.  I had thought about hand stitching it into place, but I wanted a little instant gratification and used the machine and roughly followed the outline of the shapes.

Then, I simply washed and dried it (the blanket had previously been washed and dried, so it didn't shrink.)   These blankets are not usually 100% wool and if they are you usually find them already felted.  The lacey designs have an almost quilted look now and the edges curl up just a bit.

 It is too hot now to cuddle up with this blanket, but I think it will be perfect come fall.  And, if I ever tire of the look, I can grab my trusty seam ripper and rip the stitches and the blanket will be just the same.

have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. This is cute . . . leave it to people like us to take something so rugged and 'feminize' it -- love it!


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