A Vintage Junky Christmas: 2012

I am sitting here all nice and cozy like.  The baby fell asleep on the sofa next to me.  The lights are on and not much feels wrong... not even that dripping faucet... drip. drip. drip.  Okay, maybe that is a little irksome.  So, since there is nothing that needs to be done (Christmas cards out, shopping is almost completely done, Christmas activity checklist is being checked off) I thought I would share a few photos of our home this year.  I almost didn't do a post this year.  We have been so busy lately and the house has been kind of a wreck with us changing some rooms around. But, when I got home today, the house was still relatively clean from frustrated cleaning last night (when I am most productive.) I decided to snap a few photos with my phone.  It is simple and festive and glowy to us.  So, here we go...

I haven't changed much stuff except that I have gotten rid of it or used it in different ways.  In the dining room I just used a simple little terrarium like centerpiece with some vintage ornaments and a cutting off our tree.

Over the past few weeks, we have slowly been moving my home studio downstairs to the dining room and the little man is taking over my old studio with his train table to give the Mr an entire big studio that he won't be stepping on Thomas trains and legos (hahaha... I am sure they will still sneak in there.)  So, all that to say that this mirror was moved from the entry area to over this piece.  Boy, am I wordy!

This is one of the things I was pretty excited about... the photo does not do this little tree justice.  It is trimmed pieces from our tree all decked out in glitter felt stars and flocked and has a little bunting garland.  It is cheery and I like to look at it when I am eating.

I just used a very shabby vintage quilt as our tree skirt.  I still have quite a bit of wrapping to do. We hand stamped a design for the shoppe and I wrapped some of our gifts in it as well.

I made some fun birch ornaments this year to add with a very collected look.  We have been picking up ornaments here and there... we are particularly drawn to the owls still, but baby hughes really likes the 2 little houses that he has found this year.  We cut a different tree this year and I love the lacy, wayward look of it.

Like everyone else in the world, we made a few little faux snowglobes with trees and teeny reindeer.  Mine has a little vw beetle in it!  That little flag in the mini tree also makes me pretty happy too.

My poor Wagoneer has seen better days, so it needs to be out of reach of little hands.

The Mr gets these crazy "have to stop what I am doing and do this right now" hairs just like I do.  This little sign was one of his. He used some nails and some old barn wood to create this little string art sign.

Love pom poms... another trendy little crafty craft this year...

We rarely (as in zero times in the past 4 years, 4 months) use our fireplace.  So I wrapped the gas logs in some fairy lights.

I added some new old ornaments this year... I bought some for the shoppe and I got first dibs on the cream ones with the aqua stripes and the vintage glitter. Oh the vintage glitter!

And, I didn't hold back on the snowflakes.  It is perfectly snowy in here.  They are so magical and I just don't get tired of them or tired of making them.

So there it is.  Our home this Christmas.  Pretty simple and not too fussy.  This view from my kitchen sink is one of my favorites... especially with the halls all decked and the little man reading quietly on the sofa.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday season!

bye for now~

if you would like to visit our Christmases past here are some:


  1. Charmed. Just totally charmed! You are one of those people uniquely gifted with the "knack" of making things look magical. (I'm NOT one of them.) Sigh.

  2. Michelle,
    You have succeeded in transforming your home into a winter wonderland. "Pretty simple and not too fussy" is just my style. This is the venue that Little Man Hughes' memories of Christmas Pasts will reside in when he is a grandfather and recalling the good ol' days.
    Your Friend,

  3. Beautiful as always girlie! I love so much of it I am not sure where to begin! You are so talented! Love it! Hope you all have a merry christmas!

  4. I love the terrarium with the vintage ornaments & a piece of the tree. And all of your vintage ornaments in general. Okay, I could just move into your whole house!

  5. gorgeous!!! Love all the pretty snowflakes. I bet your little man will talk about that for years to come. so special. Love your home- perfect balance of tasteful homemade, and vintage. :) Merry Christmas!

  6. Gorgeous and cozy! Love all the paper snowflakes...it makes your house feel magical! Merry Christmas Michelle!

  7. I still want that stamped paper, its awesome!

  8. Everything looks SO good and "done" without being overly done--if that makes sense. I really think that you and the Mr. should consider making more of those string art pieces and putting a little price tag on them. :) Love it!

  9. It looks amazing... but love the "fairy" lights in the fireplace !! Such a brilliant
    idea... adds warth and charm even without real logs.
    And the String art- Noel is darling!


  10. Your home looks adorable! I love all the snowflakes especially. A child reading always warms my heart. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. You have a lovely home... great character.
    Happy Holidays!


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