Hello all!  I have been super, duper scrum dididly busy getting ready for bella rustica at the end of this month.  So, that is why I have been... erm... neglecting my blog and etsy shoppe.

I found a bit of time to snap some quick photos to stock my etsy shoppe.

Lots of vintage cameras and some other fun items.  Plus, I will post more later this week.

And, speaking of stocking,  I have already had some requests for some silhouette stockings, so they are in my etsy shoppe in case you are in that Christmas frame of mind already.  Thanks for all your super sweet comments and emails about the Romantic Homes article.  I will be back soon with some sneaky peekies of some of the goodies that will be going with us to Bella Rustica.

bye for now~


  1. I wished I lived closer so I could go to Bella Rustica!

  2. Love the first aid kit and you silhoutte stockings are so pretty! Have a beautiful week! xo Heather

  3. hey Vintage Junky, I ran into your husband today at the Nashville Flea Market and he told me he was buying stuff for you for the Bella Rustica sale. That is so sweet. But he kept beating me to the good stuff!

  4. Enjoyed meeting you and your husband today! You had a beautiful booth! I can't wait to hang my roll-up chalkboard and my letter F and number 4...

  5. Yes. I am a collector of vintage stuff. Anything vintage. I love the first aid kit.

    Jeavon@pest control gold coast


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