Ding-Ding. I.Am.A.Robot~ A 4th Birthday

Hello there!  It has been a few weeks since the party, but Mr. Hughes has been so very blessedly busy that he hasn't been able to edit the photos from the party, so I stole the camera and did what little I can do.  We had a more low key year than the years before... we decided to have it on a Sunday and we had almost all our very favorite people with us to celebrate our little guy.

Originally, back when we started planning birthday number 4 (ahem... shortly after his 3rd birthday... hey, we like to party!) we thought we would have a superhero inspired party.  I pinned away superhero themes and dinosaur themes too.  Then, one day the Mr. came home with this 4 and it looked very robot-y to it.  We gave the boy the choice and I didn't even get out the whole word and he yelled... ROBOTS!!!  So, there you go.

Meet Bink the Robot.  baby hughes was a little disappointed that he didn't move or talk, but, I think the Mr. did a great job on him.

The Mr. brought these home last year... why I don't know.  But, they ended up being perfect for the party entrance.

A few hours before the party, Mr Hughes got a wild hair to chalk some boards with a bunch of different robots.

I totally forgot to take photos of the cute robot lollipops and little windup robots before I tied up the bags, but they are there.

The tissue decorations reminded me of gears and I love tissue decor... it is so festive!

baby hughes requested cake pops, cupcakes and cookies this year (he actually asked for a robot cake too, but I decided that is where I would stop.)  This was my first time making cake pops and they were yummy, but very sweet.

I found a cool gear shaped cookie cutter and used a little round one I had to cut out the center.  I rounded up some industrial trays that I got long ago to use for the food.... and there was food besides the sweets... not sure what happened to the photos of it.

The cupcakes were golden with salted caramel icing.  Mr. Hughes drew some fun robots and printed for me to make some cupcake toppers.

The Mr. used his extraordinary chalking skills to draw a robot as a backdrop.  

We had a few Rock 'em Sock 'em sets so everyone could play.  We have since used them to settle debates.

One of the last minute ideas the Mr had was to turn our metal set of drawers into a makeshift robot.  He gutted the vintage tv tube that didn't work and replaced it with a newer one that did and added a DVD player to play movies.  He did that with another thought in mind and just happened to place it on the set of drawers and voila... Robot!  He went and bought some arms and we played videos and photos sequences of baby hughes

Well, that was year 4. If you want to see previous years, check out 1, 2, and 3.  We obviously love having these parties and this year was fun since the little man had quite a few opinions regarding colors and what he would like and who to invite.  I hope he lets us do these for many years to come.

be back soon.  Things have been super, duper busy around these parts and I haven't been able to sit down and blog as much.  And I miss it!

bye for now~


  1. This has got to be the cutest little boys birthday party idea EVER! Love it. Your husband gets an A+ on his robot drawing abilities too!

  2. WOWZA!!! Love all the decor!! You guys really know how to throw a party! Happy Brithday to your little guy!

  3. Some amazing design inspiration images there. Love the cupcakes. You're making me hungry!! The old fashioned tv being used as a photoframe is awesome!!

  4. So creative- Love all of your party posts!
    Happy Birthday to Baby Hughes!

  5. Oh my gosh-you guys are the most creative and talented couple ever!!! What an incredibly tasteful, sophisticated and FUN birthday party!!! Baby Hughes is so lucky (Can't believe he's 4 already!!!) The decor was amazing and Mr. Hughes' art and robotic creations are simply amazing!! Can you guys adopt a 33 year old??! lol

  6. Just pure amazing.. Love it....

  7. I am going to be 61 in March. Will you and your husband come to California to do MY pary????? Please??

  8. so awesome!!
    i love the way you and the mr. use your creativity to shower your little man on his birthday each year. such a special gift to him!

  9. So adorable. This is such a cute idea. Love it all. So fun!!!

  10. Wow, that is such an awesome birthday party!! I absolutely love it all!! So creative! xo Heather

  11. The Rock 'em Sock em' fighters took me back to childhood.
    I think all friends who were boys had them and I got to play with them there. Thanks for the great memories you brought back. And such a great party idea.
    Have a great day.

  12. I love this party! I love your blog! I might have to steal this theme, for my son's first birthday!

  13. Ok! The party is adorable but so is this house!! Is this your house?? I am jealous! It is too cute!

  14. Everything looks great!! You guys are UBER talented!!

  15. Everything looks great!! You guys are UBER talented!!


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