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Hello all!  Lately, I have been so busy at the shoppe, that I haven't really done anything or changed anything at home.  A few weeks ago, the Mr. came home with a piece that I just couldn't part with, so I shuffled some things around to make it work.  I still need a mirror or to change up some wall stuff, so I thought I would wait to show you the new piece and instead show you what moved to the kitchen.  We had a long black table and some shelves that worked, but I wanted to change them.  So, away they went!

I moved my metal and glass industrial cabinet here and piled the ironstone in!  I recently *edited* my ironstone  and this is what remains.  I have a few more pieces sprinkled throughout the house.  I like actually using my ironstone, so the kitchen is the best place for it.

While moving something else the other day (in the living room... yes, that has changed too!) I found this vintage French poster showing the production of bread.  I had seriously forgotten that I had placed it behind a shelf to keep it safe until I found a spot.  Serendipity!  After a few text messages with some friends (does anyone else do that?) it was decided that I would move the bored lady and put this up.  Now, I just have to lovingly nag my husband to mount this big measuring device against the wall.... it stretches waaaayyy up!

 I love the changes so much!  The table was sometimes used as a piling station, and since we have several of those already, I was pleased to get rid of it.  And I also love the patina of the ironstone stacks against the patina of the metal cabinet.

I will show you some other changes very, very soon.  I have new paint in my possession people!  The living room is next *wink*

bye for now~

the black shelves and the table are for sale if any locals are interested.  You can email me at michelle at vintagejunky dot com.  


  1. The metal cabinet IS amazing - and a perfect backdrop for the ironstone, as you said.

  2. Gorgeous medical cabinet! Love your changes! I recently picked about a dozen of those survey markers at an estate sale...I'll have to keep one and sell the rest.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. I love your metal's the perfect place for your ironstome! I have one of those measuring "thingies" too :) Laurel

  4. ❤ ALL white dishes! haha Love the shelf with the ironstone!

  5. Love it all, but I'm especially loving the "bored lady" drawing! That is absolutely adorable and I love that you have it in the kitchen!


  6. Still searching for my ironstone display-er...I'm very jealous! ;0)

  7. Love that metal cabinet. It looks fabulous and the ironstone just sets it off perfectly ;-)

  8. Omg!! LOVE IT! That metal cabinet makes my heart skip a beat...maybe two!

    Miss you!!


  9. Michelle,
    Reading your blog is dangerous! I've been on a mission to re-do my studio and take a good look at my store inventory. So today I am knee deep in containers and bins for my vintage "junque", (oh, and the containers must be attractive). But, I made the mistake of sitting down for a break and reading your post.... and now, I too, have decided it is time to get rid of my black buffet and find a great display for my ironstone! So now, besides working on my studio, my mind is racing about my next project :)
    But, I do love your industrial display for your ironstone...a perfect marriage!

  10. Love it! I adore the vintage metal cabinet! What a great addition to your home. :)xo Heather

  11. O.K so I was just going to look at a few blogs tonight but not take the time to leave any notes(cause I am tired!) but really!!!!! Why did I come I want to go and change everything in my house...and its your you feel bad..mmmm? LOVE everything you!!! x0 Oh and that metal cabinet is to die for!!!!!!

  12. Michelle, the cabinet looks smashing with the did good girl and of course I love the measuring stick! :) Can't wait to see what is next! xo

  13. Well Hello there! Found you thru Urban Farmgirl! Can you bring your shop a lil more North? lol Amazing!!!!


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