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Hello all!  Where has the time gone?  We have had some pretty busy weeks around here lately, and attempting to keep my priorities in order, I have neglected my little old blog... that isn't the only thing... the house is a wreck (the laundry is all done though, but unfolded.)  I have been needing some change in surroundings and so I am going through stuff and purging and wanting desperately to sell some furniture to get... you guessed it.... new (old) furniture!  And, I found this guest post that I wrote awhile back with a home tour of our downstairs and decided to post it now.  Hopefully, I will switch stuff up and paint some walls and update it soon. But for now....

...welcome to our home!  This is one of the very first things you see when you walk into our home.  My little guy loves owls, so I wanted that to be something that symbolized us.  Lucky us, they are in style and easy to find!  This little space folds out into a desk that is usually crammed full of my business stuff and winter hats and scarfs.

Then, the next room you come to is our dining room.  This is probably one of my favorite spots in the house.  I love color, but I think I tend to use neutrals more.  Not in this room!  It was the first room that we "finished." It has since changed in minor ways.

We don't eat nearly enough dinners in here!  And, honestly, the table is usually covered in some project or new treasures.  So I truly appreciate it when it is like this!

This is a little area that I hope to change out and add too... it has become an inspiration board of sorts.  I would like to add some small artwork and maybe a few more sayings as well.

I love having fresh flowers in the house too!  These came from a friend at the perfect time for the tour.

Okay, I really do have more rooms than my dining room.  And here is a little shot of our powder room.

Next, is the kitchen.  This is probably the room that we spent the most time and money on... you see, we live in a basic builder.  But, my heart lives in a sweet bungalow or cottage.  We had maple cabinets and that wasn't us.  So, I painted them cream and grey.  We added the granite and the subway tiles as well.  I wish I could tell you that I whip up delicious dinners in here each and every night.  But, I normally just clean up the mess that my husband makes... he is the chef.... I just bake.

When people come over, they notice that we are treasure hunters... I prefer that to collectors... collectors is one step away from hoarders and I am in denial!  One of my favorite things to find is vintage ironstone and advertising ware.

Here is a close up of our little breakfast area.  This table is normally covered in projects as well.  In fact, the table cloth is hiding several unfortunate accidents with fabric glue.

And, the living room... where we spend a great deal of our time.  This is where we hang out, where I blog, where we read... you get the picture.  It is normally covered in a fine layer of crunchy goldfish.  The bambino has a modest train set down here.  The real deal is upstairs.  

I change things around in here quite a bit too.  And, don't tell my husband, but I am thinking about painting it soon.

Most of the furniture was bought used or at charity auctions.  My mother made the curtains.  In fact, the only piece that was new is the sofa.  You will also notice that I have a bit of problem with vintage luggage.  Remember... not hoarding!

Well, that is it!  I am going to paint the living room soon... whether the Mr. likes it or not.  I think 5+  years is long enough to live with any one color (with the exception of the dining room.)  I am also changing up the shoppe next week too.  I love change... good changes that is *wink*

bye for now~


  1. Oh Michelle! You have inspired me today...I really needed that! Thank you...SueBee

  2. Love Your House!! Wishing I lived closer so I could check out your Shop!

  3. Wow it is all so beautiful! I think if you have a pretty purpose for things, it isn't hoarding at all.

  4. Wow...Love your home!!!! I have an obsession with vintage luggage too. But the question of the day is where did you get that Breakfast at Tiffany's art. My fave movie and love that style. Never seen that one!

  5. Amazing house and amazing treasures! Thanks so much for sharing~ :D

  6. Michelle-Your house is so cute! I love the suitcases and the white cabinets and your little vignettes. Thanks for sharing. I am hoping to stop by your shop next week. I am excited!

  7. Yeah thanks for the tour, now when I come over I will know exactly what I want to steal! :) xo


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