THE Cake Pedestal

Everyone in my family collects, but not me. I refuse to admit that I collect. But, I do have quite a few of the items that I like. Such as mercury glass, I have a table covered in it. And, I have a slight problem with black on cream advertising ware, especially Dundee Marmalade jars. I love them, I always buy them when I see them.

They are great, are they not? And useful too. They can be pots, pencil cups, toothbrush holders, etc.
But, one of my favorite things is ironstone. I adore it. Love the color, love the sound, love the feel, love it. It inspired the perfect cream that my cabinets will one day be. I really like the pieces I find that have a wonderful patina. There is one piece that I have coveted for awhile, a cake pedestal. Apparently they are rare and very expensive. I have never even seen one.... until now. That's right, Mr. Hughes brought me a wonderful cake pedestal with a lovely patina. It wasn't very expensive, probably because of the character adding chip on the base. We had a mini photo shoot today with my prize. Enjoy!

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