Remember the Compliments

When I was in college, my aunt emailed me an email forward, you know, one of those really feel good ones.  Ones with things like "there are at least 5 people that you mean the world to."
And there was this one piece of wisdom, remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults."  And even though I have received the same list of wisdom several times since then, I can remember exactly where I was when I first read it.  It really appealed to me....I have always been a glass half full type girl, so this was right up my alley.

And I do remember the compliments... like my senior year in creative writing.  We were each given a name of someone in the class and had to write a little speech to them and give them a little gift... sort of the opposite of a roast.  We had to keep our person a secret.  And I can honestly tell you, I don't remember who I had or what I said about them....that makes me feel sort of bad.  But, I remember the person who had my name and what he said.  I went the whole day, heck probably the whole week feeling so great.  He gave me a bag of Hershey's chocolate bars...the mixed bag... and said that I had a little something for everyone and he made me a little sign... I think it said that I was awesome or the bomb.  And that has always stuck with me whenever I get less than positivity from people.

I also remember when I worked for Pottery Barn Kids and each month the staff elected a Catch the Spirit winner... I guess it is sort of like employee of the month... you got your photo taken and it was put on a poster.  But the best thing that I got from it (I won twice) was all the nice little notes people wrote to nominate me... especially ones from people who I didn't think cared for me much.  

So there is something inside of me... either self-centeredness or optimism that makes me hang on to all that affirmation.  Remembering the compliments is the easy part.
Forgetting the insults is what is hard.  
Sometimes though, those insults drive you to to be better... or at least me.
I had a hard time when I first started college.  I went from making great grades in high school, grades that helped me get scholarships, to making not so hot grades.
You see, I didn't go to class that much.  Not that I was partying, I was working part time.  I was just of the mindset that if I could make good grades and not attend class that should be enough.  
Too bad my professors weren't of that mindset as well.  They wanted me to be there.  They counted off when I wasn't.  And, so my grades started falling... fast.   And this went on for about 3 semesters.  Until one day, I had to give a presentation on a vacation home that I designed (my major was Housing and Design.) I gave the presentation.  I knew all the technical stuff was correct.  And, I felt great about the creativity that I put in the project and my presentation.  So, when I went in for my evaluation with my professor, and she said that I had an A project, but that she would only give me a C.
I remember my face getting hot.
Then she gave me the worst insult I have received ever....

"You are a waste of talent."

I started crying right then and there.  She also told me that I might as well just start working full- time if I wasn't going to come to class.
I was mad and humiliated.  Here was a woman who talked about her disabled son during our lectures... and used a notsonice word when she did.  Here was a woman who mainly talked to a woman that was her age that was auditing the class... she wasn't even there to get a grade..... and they talked about nonsense.  This woman wasn't teaching us.... where did she get off telling me that I was a waste of talent?
I went home and called the manager of the boutique that I worked and begged her for a full time position.  There were none available.  So, I decided I had no other choice.  I would have to stay in school and work my way through.
But, that isn't all.
I would bring my grades up and show her... we will call her Dr. R.
And I did.  I ended up graduating with a pretty high GPA considering that Dr. R gave me a D for not coming to class.  I only wish she wouldn't have transferred to another school before I graduated.... I thought about sending her a copy of my diploma.  But, maybe that is what she wanted all along... maybe she could see that I had enough drive to prove her wrong.
Other times when people have insulted me, either intentionally or accidentally, I have felt that similar drive to prove them wrong.

So, maybe we don't need to forget the insults... maybe we just need to prove the insulter wrong.  Maybe we need to be half- full as much as we can be to tick those half- empty people off!

So, here I would like to thank both Jake from high school and Dr. R from college for teaching me the importance of the line from an email forward from long ago.

What about you... is there an insult that made you better yourself?  Can you easily remember all the nice things and forget the notsonice?

Have a rosy outlook kind of day!

bye for now!

both images from pinterest

My Last Day

Hello all.
Today is it.  My last day of work.  
I have been at the same job for 6 years. 
Next week I start my new job with my new boss... he is a talker.  And cute.  
And blondes aren't usually my type.
Still excited.scared.nervous.happy.

Last week I got a surprise.  Mr. Hughes brought home a bunch of furniture for me to paint and a surprise.
He called it my Happy Last Day of Work Present (a week early.)
You may remember me lusting after a certain item in this post.
Well, I think it looks much, much better in my dining room.

Don't you think?  And you also must think that I am spoiled.  And that Mr. Hughes is dreamy and considerate.  And I would have to agree with all those things. 
You should also know that our anniversary is in a few weeks and this is for that too.
So I am not totally spoiled.  Just like 75%

I have been wanting a Swedish clock for awhile (I am not sure if this is considered a "Mora)
This one is from 1790 and has the maker's signature on the back ... Hermann Hoffstred along with a piece of paper from a Stockholm newspaper.
It doesn't work... just stands there and looks pretty.
And what a great looking face!  I haven't seen one on the few Swedish Clocks that I have seen.

Okay kids... I am out of here to go to my last few hours of paid labor!

bye for now!

The Winner Is....

of the giveaway from Pendrops Couture is...

I will be back this week to show you my newest treasure... just let me get through these last few work days!
bye for now!

What Followed the Mr Home

Happy Thursday!  My Favorite Day!
I took yesterday and today off of work. I know, I know, I am leaving next week.
Next week... one week from today, I will be a SAHM.  
So, I needed a few days to practice *wink*

Last weekend, the Mr went on a little junking trip without me.  The nerve!!  Can you imagine?
I have always had this love affair with organ knobs.  Who knows why I latch on to certain things... but I love them.  Must be the black and whiteness with the text.
Anyhow, since they weren't willing to let him strip the knobs off, he brought the whole thing home.
That is right.  We have an organ in our garage.
Mr. Hughes has all kinds of plans for it and I am on board!  
(I am not always on board, just like he would like me to stop repainting walls in the house.)
I will show you some of those projects very, very soon.

I also had to post a another peony photo.  Yes, I grew these.  It was hard, hard work. ha!
The lighter pink ones bloomed just as the hot pink ones were littering petals over the table.
I have been thrilled to have fresh flowers for the past few weeks... and these light pink ones smell amazing!!

Well, I see a sliver of sun, so I am thinking the hyena and I need some vitamin D after being cooped up with all the rain and greyness!
Oh, and don't forget my little giveaway

bye for now!

Little Changes + a Giveaway

Hello all!  How was your weekend?  Ours was rainy... booo!  Doesn't Mother Nature know it is May?
I have been making a few small changes around the casa lately.  I started selling these botanical prints (found by Mr. Hughes) in my booth a few months ago and they have been popular.  When I repainted the upstairs hall, I needed something to complement the new color (Rainwater by Martha Stewart, in case you would like to know.)
And since I like to change things up, (especially in wall decor,) and because I am not a lover of filling in and painting over holes.... I decided to put up a little botanical gallery wall with Japanese Washi Tape.
I adore the stuff!  And I can take this down anytime I like, with no holes!  
I just got the vintage sewing chair a few weeks ago and the Mr. found me a spouse for it this past weekend.  Almost identical. 
So that is my happy little hallway. 

And, while I have you here, talking to you about paper, let me throw a giveaway your way.

 Krista from Pendrops Couture hand makes these incredible little cards that are almost too pretty to send!

Krista handcrafts all these cards out of pure goodness....vintage textiles, organic cotton, antique books and sheet music, burlap, and old buttons...
All of her paper and envelopes are 100% recycled.  
Aren't they incredible?!?

You can win the above basket which includes 5 pendrops couture cards and it includes the adorable basket too!
Here is what you have to do to win:
One entry.... go to her site and tell me which the card you love the most... if you can pick just one!
Another entry...go to her facebook page and "like it"
You want another entry?  Well I like approval/ validation... so go to my site and "like it" as well.
And leave me a comment for each.  I will leave the giveaway open for a week and announce the winner next Tuesday.
I will be back soon to show you what the Mr. carted home the other day.  Our neighbors probably think we are nuts!!

bye for now!

Organizing My Thoughts

hello there!  How are you?
My head is so full of *stuff* 
Are you ready? Here we go!
  • See the above photo.  That is straight out of the camera... did you have any doubt? heehee Anyhow, my peonies have exploded this week.  I feel a strange pride that I planted them from tubers and that they have flourished enough for me to cut them and bring them inside.  I love fresh flowers and the selection at the Kroger is unsatisfying.  Plus, these are free.  I am wondering if there is any reason I shouldn't be cutting them all and bringing them in though.
  • Have you ever had so much to do and things you want to do, so you decide to do nothing?  I really mean, nothing... except fold laundry and get lost in pinterest? Okay, I believe there was also some bubble blowing and a trip to Target and a walk, but really nothing that needed to be done.  And, you know, I am started to wonder if lazy is my true nature and that it is coming out now.  Not worried, mind you.  Just wondering.
  • I am also wondering what my "schedule" is going to look like when I am at home all the time. I am laughing inside because while I like to plan things like birthday parties months (ahem... years) in advance, we aren't really scheduled.  We will be in big trouble when the hyena starts school, as I hear they encourage school age children to be on a schedule.  Right now, we are rolling with it.

  •  Are you wondering if anything has made me question my decision to live frugally and not have a job? Well, true to form, it would be the clock above.  Gorgeous.  Love it.  I could work 2 more weeks and afford it.  That is assuming that the Mr. would let me spend that entire paycheck on it.  It is Swedish and while it isn't a true Mora, I love it all the same.  It is different and has a lovely face.  I did mention that the traditional gift for 5 year anniversaries is a clock. (Back me up here, ladies!)  I know that it isn't really, but it didn't stop me from saying it. Oh well, being with my bambino is better.  And just so you know, I consider true friendship anyone who is willing to scheme with me on how to fulfill my vintage cravings.
  • As of Mother's Day, I am a proud owner of a Kindle.  Now, I did tell Mr. Hughes that letting me quit the full time gig was enough of a present, but he went above and beyond and got me one.  Which makes me think he wants me to ignore him and get lost in book after book?  Not only did he get me a Kindle, but he also bought a cute case off of etsy.  And, just so you know, I consider a mark of a great spouse to know that the cute cover is just as important as the technology... and that I like my margaritas with extra, extra salt.
  • I recently wrote an article for Busy Bee Trader (page 32, if you want to read.) I gave parenting advice.....hahhaa.... from me?  The unscheduled mom?  Well, I gave some tips on how to antique with a 2 year old.  And in the weeks since I have written that article, baby hughes has really tried to prove me wrong.  I wonder if he can read.
  • And, speaking of the hyena, he is turning out to be almost everything that I wished for... almost. Does that sound too mean... let me finish.  Before he was born, before I even knew he was a he, I wrote down some wishes for him.  Like that I hoped he would be friendly... the type of child that will befriend the new kid in class. I prayed that he would be confident.  He will walk boldly up to child or adult and introduce himself with confidence. That he would be a lover of animals... he is a regular St. Francis, actually petting a baby bird last summer. And, most important than any other traits, I wished he would be positive and funny and happy. And he is.  However, I neglected to put on that list.... not scared of riding in a wagon... or swinging... or sliding... My child is fearless when it comes to sticking things in outlets and running into the street (I promise, I watch him, he is just FAST!) When it comes to the playground, he prefers to just talk to people. When I try to put him in a wagon, he screams and wants to pull it.  And I can roll with it. My only concern is that I like to ride rides and the Mr. doesn't.  I was sincerely hoping that with such a tall, bold child that I would soon have a partner in crime at amusement parks.  It isn't looking good.
  • Just to give you another little insight on baby hughes and my wonderful parenting skills...let me preclude this by saying that we are mostly careful about what we watch in front of him.  Case in point, no guns.  Last week at the park, baby hughes was playing with his friend and they both had sticks.  His friend had a "gun" and baby hughes tried to "disarm" him with his "wand" shouting something that sounds a lot like Exspelliarmus.  I told him that I sincerely hoped for his sake that magic works faster than bullets.  Now, before you think I am on my high horse with "no guns" I can assure you pro-gun mommas that he will have water guns when he is older.  I can also tell you that I laughed about the difference between the boys with my friend.  And I can also give you this nugget to make you feel superior to me in parenting strategy.  Have you ever seen 500 Days of Summer?  You know the part where they are picnicking in the park and they take turns saying a certain  word, gradually getting louder each time?  Well, last Sunday at CHURCH, the little man thought it was a good time to recall the word and say it louder. And louder. Now, mind you, I know that word is fine in the proper setting... like a medical office. We just are not that ultra hip family that uses the proper terms of anatomy. And half of me was proud of him that he instinctively knew the best time to use such a phrase for maximum comic impact. The other half of me that worries about listeria and brown recluses, well, that half was mortified. 
 Well, that is all folks. I will be back soon with a less wordy, less insightful post!!

bye for now!

The Other Secret

Hello!  How are you guys?
I am wonderful, still getting used to the idea that in a few short weeks I will be willfully unemployed.  You may remember mentioning that I had 2 secrets... well you know one and here is the other.
I am going to be in a Barn Show!
That's right, Vintage Junky is joining some other really great vendors and is going to be at the 
show in September!

I am so excited!  I have never been to a barn show, let alone been a vendor in one!  I honestly don't know what I am more excited about... the selling or the shopping!

This is the view from the back of my booth... pretty swell, huh?  The show is being held outside Franklin at the gorgeous Tap Root Farm.

And, while getting geared up for my first show and shopping and planning is great, wonderful, exciting fun, one of the things that I am truly excited to share is the non-profit that this show is benefiting:

AGAPE is a local organization that is about family... they offer adoption assistance both to families seeking children and also women in crisis pregnancies.  They offer counseling help to families going through rough times.  So I feel quite honored that I was invited to join this great show.  Like warm and fuzzy inside!
 I am excited that the show is going to be such a family event..... hayrides, hamburgers, and it will all happen in one of my favorite months of the year, September.  I am hoping that you nearby peeps will come out to this event so I can put some faces with some blogs!

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Maids*

Hello and very happy Friday to you.
And, most importantly, thanks so much for all your kind words and advice about my big announcement the other day.  I love all the positive reinforcement... I thrive on it!  I have a few more weeks but I will be home the last week of May and I am so excited!

But, back to the matter at hand.  Which is me planning an imaginary second wedding (to Mr. Hughes, of course.) I showed you my dress choices here.
Now, here are my *Maids*

hello gorgeous!
I so want this dress!

Who wouldn't want to wear these dresses again?

This one has a great Mad Men look... and the color... perfection!

I love the mix and matchy vintagey tea dresses.  And the bride wearing yellow shoes? Swoon!
found~ sohomode

And for a great casual affair, this dress

how fun!  What a great dress!

So, I told you one of my secret exciting things... today I am going to see about another exciting thing... although I don't know how I can possibly top my other news.... it is exciting all the same.  I am soooo mysterious, huh?!? Or annoying?  Don't answer that... remember I am a sponge!

Have a wonderful weekend! Oh, and all you mommas, I hope your Mother's Day is awesome!

bye for now

My Great Big Leap

Okay, let's see if I can focus on writing a coherent post.
Where to begin.... hmmm....
Well, I will just say it.
I quit my job.  I handed in my notice today.

I don't think I can express how excited or nervous or anything that I am.
This is a huge leap for me. For us.  My little family.
I have had this rope tugging me for awhile now.  One end on my heart and the other firmly anchored at home... with the baby and the Mr.
I never fancied myself a SAHM.  But, when that little surprised face looked up at me nearly 3 years ago, everything changed.  I knew it.  This is where I was meant to be.
But, I went back to work.  Because we needed my income. We still do.
Everyone assured me it would get easier to leave my boy.
It hasn't. 
I have been extremely blessed to have a work at home husband (WAHH)
So, I have never had to leave baby hughes with strangers at a young age (not that there is anything wrong with that.)

And, I will be the first to admit, that while my husband is great... husband and father, I have been insanely jealous of him.  I hate missing anything.  I have always be acutely aware that I only get so much of the kid time before this  hyena grows up.  And, even though my hours at work are wonderful, I just hated knowing I was missing anything.   Like little firsts and big firsts.  I am still not convinced that I saw his first steps... just things like that.

So, after Mr. Hughes crunched and crunched some numbers, he told me that we could do it.  We just can't spend any money for the next 16 years.  I kid.  But it will be tight.  And so worth it. Have I mentioned that my hubs is self-employed?  And even though he has been for 10 years, my income just made me feel safe.  And I am scared.  I know that I can go out and get another job, but now that I have this nugget of goodness in my grasp, I just don't want to give it up.

I have prayed and prayed about this.  Mainly because I feel a little bit guilty.  My job and income have been such a blessing. I have been with this orthodontic practice for 6 years.  I work with some really great people... ones that I really hope to stay in touch with.  I don't think I could have a more flexible, wonderful boss or better hours.  And in this economy, people are losing their jobs right and left.  And here I am throwing a wonderful job away, even if my intentions are 100% noble.

But they aren't.
I would be lying if I didn't also have selfish reasons for doing this.  While I will be mainly focused on baby hughes and doing all the magical mommy things like potty training and cleaning toilets and remounting curtain rods that have been ripped out of the wall (no joke) I am aware that I will have more time for Vintage Junky.  And that I can help contribute money to our budget in doing something I adore.  I have felt so overwhelmed at times... like I just want to give up the business all together since I couldn't throw everything at it.  So, I am hoping that naptimes will allow me to work on my business a bit more.
I am also hoping that Mr. Hughes won't have to keep such crazy hours... let's face it.  I have a wild kid that makes a bit of noise.... okay.. a LOT of noise.  I am also hoping for a cleaner house.  That is a lot of hoping, isn't it?

I couldn't do all this without the amazing support from my friends and my family and coworkers.  I am like a sponge and feared telling anyone our tentative plans in case they had something negative to say... something I didn't want to hear.  I didn't want to second guess our decision or even hear a what if.  I only wanted to soak up the woohoos!  and Awesomes!  

So to sum up this very wordy post:
I Quit. Scared. Excited. Happy.

and isn't Happy the most important?

bye for now!

oh, and I purchased the sweet print here to celebrate our new path.


Hello and happy Tuesday!

We had a wonderful weekend... movie with a girlfriend (Water for Elephants was great!)
Then a great little festival and visited with the same girlfriend and her family. Lots of pretty weather, loads of outside time.
That stuff is good for my soul.

I have to be honest with you though.  I am feeling a little whirled.
I am in between some places and it is making me feel a bit overwhelmed.  I feel like I am not completely present for anything.  Like I am half doing things.  
My head is a bit of a mess even though decisions have been made and there is a plan in place.
But, since those decisions haven't been announced yet, it is weighing me down.

Am I being cryptic enough for you? heehee!

I have so many things to share with you all.  Some big, exciting things.
But, you will have to bear with me one more day before I spill the beans so to speak.

bye for now!

lovely pinwheel found here


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