One of the best things that I have encountered while blogging isn't the endless inspiration.  It isn't the handy cleaning tips.  It is the friendships.  I have made quite a few long distance close friendships.... some of you I talk to more often than my mother... and that is quite a bit!  A few years ago.. I think it has been that long.... I got a comment or an email from a reader that figured out she lived in the same town that I did.  We emailed back and forth and became Facebook friends and quickly realized that we had a lot in common... from movies, to decor, to reading material.  This girl and I were cut from the same cloth. The first night we met *for real* was while we were standing in line at Starbucks to caffeine up for a midnight showing of New Moon.  

I can't say enough good things about this girl.  She is one of the most non-judgmental people I have met. She is so positive and easy going.  She is a great mother and a wonderful friend.  She has constantly been one of my biggest cheerleaders for my little business and I know I can always bounce ideas off of her.  She loves my son and he adores her (and her boys!)

I have known this day was coming for the past few months.  Her husband got a job in Alabama and they put their house on the market.  Earlier this month, they found a buyer and they moved on Sunday.  I am so glad that they did get an offer, as I can only imagine how hard it has been to have a long- distance marriage.  Now, I know that we will keep in touch... I am just going to miss planning pedis and having her less than 5 minutes away.  

So love your girlfriends, near and far... ones you have met and ones you have yet to meet.  They are so very important and special.  And, for my friend who moved away... you are dearly missed already.  Text me your paint colors *wink*

bye for now~

beautiful photo may be purchased here

Lucky Girl!

Hello all!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I am just popping in really quick to tell you who won the giveaway from Junghwa!  It is The Chickens' Auntie!  yay for you!  Please email me at michelle at vintagejunky dot com with your address so you can get your sweet necklace!

Okay, I have been shaking things up around the house.  And, let's face it... making a huge mess in the process.  So, I will be back soon to show you my latest treasure and some little changes I have made around here to freshen the place up!

bye for now~

Around the Shoppe

Happy Friday everyone!  We had a really busy weekend last week and a pretty busy week this week restocking and getting everything rearranged.  So, I thought I would snap a few photos of the new stuff at the shoppe this week... a little tour if you will.

The barn wood rope boards are one of Mr. Hughes'  original designs... he made one for a display once and since then he had several requests to make others.  

I ordered bunches of dried lavender and billy buttons as well.... I like the way they look in the burlap bags.

We had these old smaller jars with zinc lids hanging around, so I filled them up with some organic lavender.... if you give them a little shake and then open the lid, the whole space smells like lavender!

I haven't been posting photos of my furniture pieces here as much... only because Facebook is a fast little way to do that.  A few of you have asked though, so I thought I would share the most recent pieces that I finished this week:

Meet Jules

And Ruth

And Harriet (named after a favorite book of mine as a child!)

and Doris. 

I get quite a few requests for dressers of this size... because they are so versatile, AND because they are a great height for a changing table!  I love to know when my pieces are going to be used in nurseries!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I will be back next week with a winner for the Sweet Little Giveaway... you have until Sunday night to enter!

bye for now~

Sweet Little Giveaway!

Hello and happy Monday!  We had a busy weekend at the shoppe this weekend, but more on that later this week.  Right now I am so excited to tell you about a giveaway!  A few weeks ago, I featured this little necklace on my Friday Etsy Favorites:

And Amy from Junghwa would like to give this fun pinwheel necklace away to a Vintage Junky reader!
Isn't it darling in its simplicity?!  She has loads of sweet, simple necklaces in her shop and also some vintage inspired jewelry as well.  I always have loved simple, silver necklaces like this one and I am so jealous of the winner.  I am going to have to get one myself  *wink*

So, I am guessing you want to know how to win...

*Like junghwa by amy stewart on Facebook and come back and leave me a comment on this post

*If you would like another chance to win (you know you do!) tweet about it or share the giveaway on your Facebook page and leave another comment.  

You can find this necklace and other beautiful jewelry in her etsy shoppe and you can keep up with Amy on her blog.  You have until Sunday at midnight to enter and I will announce the winner next Monday.  This little necklace is going to be the perfect Spring accessory for someone!

I will be back soon to show you what I have been busy.busy.busy. with!  Happy Presidents' Day! 

bye for now~

Etsy Update

Happy Saturday everyone! We had some pretty weather yesterday (and since I don't know a lick about our camera!) I took it as a sign to snap a few photos for a little etsy shoppe update.

Lots of chippy paint 

And worn finishes

And lots of heavy dishes.

So, if that is your sort of thing, you will be right at home!  I am gearing up for a fun day at the shoppe... I think it might be just warm enough to open those windows... as long as we are wearing layers!  

Have a most wonderful Saturday!

bye for now~

Friday Etsy Favorites *Simple and Lovely

Hello all!  Hope you are gearing up for a great weekend!  This week, I have been going through and setting aside some things that I am no longer in love with... I have been craving simple, pretty things.  So, I found a few items that may take the old stuff's place!  Here is *Simple and Lovely*

I adore shield shapes.  This simple mirror is so elegant
found~ fluxglass

I have a group of these beautiful photos in the mint and the white is lovely too!  

I love ballet flats!  I can't believe I used to live in heels.  Now, I adore flats

What a pretty way to drink your tea

These pretty little french bowls would be perfect in a mismatched table setting

Cameos are so classic and pretty
found~ sadieolive

Another mirror.... but I adore mirrors!  And, not because I am vain... because they *sparkle*

I hope you guys have a great weekend!  Next week I am finishing up several pieces of furniture that I will hopefully remember to post photos.... it has been brought to my attention that I no longer show the pieces I finish.  I normally post all the pieces on my Facebook page, so you can always go there to peek at them.  I just thought it may get boring to see post after post of painted furniture*smiles*
Enjoy your weekend!

bye for now~

Shoppe Talk

Hello all!  I have been absent again for a bit.  I have been totally distracted with all the new (old!) furniture that we got last week.  Almost all of it needs some TLC with a swoop of the ole paintbrush.  So I have been working on those pieces in between the normal life stuff.  It is freezing here in TN!  So, when I wanted to unload the trailer on Saturday to get to all my goodies, the Mr. reminded me just how cold it was, with the wind chill.  So, I decided that maybe this week I wouldn't unload the trailer.  
But, then, a large piece sold and I can't just leave a hole that big on a Saturday.  I got my wish!  The Mr. got to work on unearthing a large farm table with original paint!!

When paint is this chippy and perfect, my paint brush won't go anywhere near it!  It is a pale green on bottom and a pinky hue on top!  We dreamed about it a little and decided that whoever built it used whatever paint on hand.  So, glad he or she did~  

I also have a few of these little stools in the shop.  I just love them!  We have a larger one in the house for baby hughes to wash his hands.  They are just so cute *smiles*

We also have lots of chippy ironstone and restaurant ware plates and mugs too. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  We had a quiet, but yummy dinner at home.  I am off to the shoppe in a bit to take down the remainders of the Valentine's decorations and possibly add something else *wink*

bye for now~

Etsy Friday Favorites *Bright, Sunshiny Days*

Hello there~  So, I think it is pretty obvious what I am aching for today.  I cursed myself the other day when I was feeling a little mopey that winter has gone by and we haven't had a decent snow here.  Now, it is grey and 35ish and I am kicking myself.  If it is going to be this cold here, we may as well have a little flurry action.  So I am cuddled up with my boy, drinking hot green tea and dreaming of
*Bright, Sunshiny Days*

How cheerful and sunny is this little canvas?  Such a simple, but happy sentiment

What says warm, breezy days?  Pinwheels of course!  I am in love... like really, IN LOVE with this sweet little necklace
found~ junghwa

How fun are these summery pencils?
found~ onefinedae

Add some sunshine to your neck!
found~ Tessyla

These fun, vintage sheet prints are begging to be used for something fun

Sometimes, you have to make your own sunshine and this stamp is a great reminder!

Isn't this photo just the epitome of a perfect, summery day?
found~ lolasroom

Ahhh.... I can almost feel the warmth on my eyelids....

So, I am off to the shoppe... we have a lot of new furniture pieces and I can't wait to get my hands on them!  Have a great weekend!

bye for now!

Little Home Tour

Hello all!  Where has the time gone?  We have had some pretty busy weeks around here lately, and attempting to keep my priorities in order, I have neglected my little old blog... that isn't the only thing... the house is a wreck (the laundry is all done though, but unfolded.)  I have been needing some change in surroundings and so I am going through stuff and purging and wanting desperately to sell some furniture to get... you guessed it.... new (old) furniture!  And, I found this guest post that I wrote awhile back with a home tour of our downstairs and decided to post it now.  Hopefully, I will switch stuff up and paint some walls and update it soon. But for now....

...welcome to our home!  This is one of the very first things you see when you walk into our home.  My little guy loves owls, so I wanted that to be something that symbolized us.  Lucky us, they are in style and easy to find!  This little space folds out into a desk that is usually crammed full of my business stuff and winter hats and scarfs.

Then, the next room you come to is our dining room.  This is probably one of my favorite spots in the house.  I love color, but I think I tend to use neutrals more.  Not in this room!  It was the first room that we "finished." It has since changed in minor ways.

We don't eat nearly enough dinners in here!  And, honestly, the table is usually covered in some project or new treasures.  So I truly appreciate it when it is like this!

This is a little area that I hope to change out and add too... it has become an inspiration board of sorts.  I would like to add some small artwork and maybe a few more sayings as well.

I love having fresh flowers in the house too!  These came from a friend at the perfect time for the tour.

Okay, I really do have more rooms than my dining room.  And here is a little shot of our powder room.

Next, is the kitchen.  This is probably the room that we spent the most time and money on... you see, we live in a basic builder.  But, my heart lives in a sweet bungalow or cottage.  We had maple cabinets and that wasn't us.  So, I painted them cream and grey.  We added the granite and the subway tiles as well.  I wish I could tell you that I whip up delicious dinners in here each and every night.  But, I normally just clean up the mess that my husband makes... he is the chef.... I just bake.

When people come over, they notice that we are treasure hunters... I prefer that to collectors... collectors is one step away from hoarders and I am in denial!  One of my favorite things to find is vintage ironstone and advertising ware.

Here is a close up of our little breakfast area.  This table is normally covered in projects as well.  In fact, the table cloth is hiding several unfortunate accidents with fabric glue.

And, the living room... where we spend a great deal of our time.  This is where we hang out, where I blog, where we read... you get the picture.  It is normally covered in a fine layer of crunchy goldfish.  The bambino has a modest train set down here.  The real deal is upstairs.  

I change things around in here quite a bit too.  And, don't tell my husband, but I am thinking about painting it soon.

Most of the furniture was bought used or at charity auctions.  My mother made the curtains.  In fact, the only piece that was new is the sofa.  You will also notice that I have a bit of problem with vintage luggage.  Remember... not hoarding!

Well, that is it!  I am going to paint the living room soon... whether the Mr. likes it or not.  I think 5+  years is long enough to live with any one color (with the exception of the dining room.)  I am also changing up the shoppe next week too.  I love change... good changes that is *wink*

bye for now~


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