Hunting 2012

 Hello all!!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  I skipped out a little early from the shoppe so the hyena could take a nap and instead of cleaning up the remnants of Christmas and the dishes, I thought I would share what I will be hunting for in 2012.

For the Shoppe~

I would a vintage cash register for the shoppe.

And, I also have my eye out for some vintage price holders... I would have my resident graphic designer make me up some cool, vintage-y price signs.

And, a farmhouse table... for the shoppe... maybe move it to the house when I get tired of looking at it there *wink*

I have a repro dress form, but I would like a vintage one... one can live at home and the other at the shoppe.  I like to call that a win-win!

I would also love to have a rack like this one for my kitchen... I am thinking ironstone bowls would be perfect on it... and I just happen to have a *few* ironstone bowls!

I am also wanting to find a really cool vintage piece... like a library cabinet or something with patina and charm... here is another I love!

More~ I want more vintage trophies and loving cups

I am also wanting to trade out our side chairs in the living room.... something with a bit more detail or lines.  The ones we have are nice, but I want something a little more... different, I guess

Mr. Hughes has been wanting to do this for awhile... I love the look!

These are nice... probably a bit too fancy for our space though

These are so fun!  Love the color combination!

If you would like the sources or to follow along on what I am hunting this year, here is my pinboard for finds I would like to acquire this year.  So, what are YOU looking for?  Vintage-wise *wink*

Okay, be back soon with some shoppe photos... we added a organic soap line this week!  They smell great!  Oh, and also, I will have a little giveaway next week as well!

bye for now!

Scenes from the Shoppe

hello!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  We had a busy little weekend at the shoppe, but I managed to find the time to rearrange a little.  I didn't realize that I missed working in a boutique until I was able to change things up... even more than I do at the house!  So, I thought I would show you a few photos I took this weekend.  Click on photo or here for a fun interactive shopping guide!

I got my hours decal for the front door!  It made me feel like a real shoppe!

This is one of the most popular items that people spend their time digging through... one of these days, I am going to get rid of our PB flatware and get a mismatched set.  But, for now, I will part with them *wink*

This was made by Mr. Hughes, of course.  But, I will take a little bit of credit for it since I gave him the idea and also showed him the pretty French envelope.

And this, my dears, is something I am SO excited about... like jumping up and down excited.  We found this post box last Wednesday while we were out on our family day.  And, Mr. Hughes knew it would be perfect for our little ....

... candle line!!  This is something I have wanted to add since we opened.  I love really nice candles.  We carried a few lines at a boutique that I worked at in college and I loved so many.  I knew when I saw this line (Linnea's Lights)  featured in Country Living that it would be a right fit, even before smelling them.  And, when we got the samples in... well, all three of us had a great time sniffing away and finding the right scents for us. 

I was so excited to get them before Christmas.  You should have seen baby hughes and I chasing down the FedEx man on Saturday!  He went to the building across the street, and I just knew those were our candles.  I was thrilled and so was baby hughes... let's face it... he is just thrilled most of the time *wink*
So, we dug in the boxes and Mr. Hughes couldn't get there fast enough to help me heave this post box up on top of the library table.

Okay, back to the awesome post box... check out the back... it is pretty cool too with all of those little brass labels with names.... check out this name!  Mr. Hughes and I debated on whether or not it was the Woodrow Wilson.  I don't think it is, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was!

Okay, I am off to paint... I have a full house right now with furniture to paint for clients and for the booths and shoppe.  Got to get busy.busy.busy. (quick... what Christmas movie is that from?)

bye for now!

A Vintage Junky Christmas 2011

Hello everyone! I feel like I took forever to get the Christmas decor up this year.  We have been pretty busy, but I feel like I was over thinking it.  Like I needed it to be different than last year... with the exception of the snowflakes... got to have them *wink*  We also had a few bumps getting things the way we (mainly "I") wanted them.  So, here is our home this year.  A little simpler, a little different, a little the same.  

Mr. Hughes found these awesome... I mean, awesome, vintage Christmas lights.  They still work!  There  were a few bulbs that were shot, but, thankfully, I had a bunch in the shoppe that I was able to replace them.  They are outside since they are   h o t!

The Advent calender is getting empty and the tree is getting full!  I found this great ironstone waste pot at Scarlett's and Mr. Hughes brought me home a little live (prickly!) tree. 

I put up the whole nativity this year.  Some years, I just put up the Holy Family.  But, I thought this little shelf on the mirror was perfect for it.  I still feel the camels are a little large... are they that much larger than a cow...does this really matter....
When I was sprinkling the jumbo confetti, one aqua piece landed right where Baby Jesus will be... like right in front of Mary and Joseph... you can't make this up folks... so, I left it there. 

We continued our little tradition of wrapping baby Jesus.  We unwrap that little box and place Him in the nativity on the 24th before we go to sleep.

Mr. Hughes came up with the great idea of putting the ornaments in my top hat.... I had them in a tarnished bowl.  His way was much better.

I snowflaked the place!!  I can never get enough of them!

The infamous Joy.... 

I did the ornaments from the dining room window again.

I love these little birch pots that I got awhile ago.  I filled them with ornaments and clippings  from our boxwood bushes.

I attached some little bottle brush wreathes to the chairs.

I decided that I really, really needed this branch (also from Scarlett) I knew I wanted to hang.... what else... snowflakes!  

I found this little, tiny window... can you imagine such a cute window actually in your house?  We lined up a little collection of vintage trees behind it.  I like the view through it.

Here is Mr. Hughes' Santa... check out those snowflake shadows... maybe it is a sickness with me, but they are just magical!

I can't wait to see what Santa puts in the stockings!

We have a few of these around.  Someone... ahem... insists on removing the trees and wreath...

A few more vintage trees and a little vintage deer.

I only added a few things to the tree... I wanted a more bare look... I lived with the tree for like 4 days with only lights while I thought about what I wanted it to look like. And, I started to really love the bare look.

I found these vintage letters in this etsy shoppe and I tied them with some twine.

And, in honor of our new addition this year, baby hughes and I picked out one from this etsy shoppe.

Okay, so that is all!  We had a really fun day today.  We went to see Santa and we also went to paint a new Santa's cookies plate... there was a terrible accident with the one from 2009... a shelf fell in our cabinet and it was the only thing that broke.  But, all three of us worked on one today, and it was fun and I am sure that the cookies will look just as delicious on this one *smiles*

I will be back soon to show you an awesome display piece I picked up for the shoppe.

bye for now!

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Back in Shoppe!

hello!  Thanks so much for the birthday wishes yesterday!  This will be short and sweet since I will be off to the shoppe in just a bit... just wanted to let you know that I restocked my etsy shoppe with the Toy Trucks Towing Tiny Trees (some with Trailers!)

And I also restocked the little JOY and NOEL burlap bags

There are still a few days to order your stockings before Christmas!  I have had so much fun doing these this year.  The Mr. cuts the silhouettes... he is pretty handy with those scissors!

Okay, that is all!  I finally got that Christmas oomph yesterday!  It could have been the mini blizzard we had yesterday... remember you Northern Folks, I live in TN... it was a blizzard!  I hope to be all decked very, very soon!

bye for now!


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