Furniture Feature 2 and a winner!

*hello* how are you?
I have been busy working on a selfish project... a mine all mine project.
And, she is about finished.  I just have to bribe/nag the Mr. about helping me with a thing or two before I can introduce her.  That is why I am writing about it today.  Because NEXT Monday (see that, a deadline... he laughs at blog deadlines) I am going to share her with the WORLD!  Or, maybe just my readers.... but we ARE the world (hee, hee!)
So, why don't you email me some of your Favorite Furniture Finds (must be vintage... does not have to be a before/after, rules, rules)
and tell me a bit about them... I will post it here along with Kate, my classy secretary.

email is michelle {at} vintagejunky {dot} com

Oh and I do believe I have a winner for the Pleated Poppy Giveaway!

So, Ana, email me and I will get you in touch to get your goods.

I am busybusybusy working on purging and shaking things up a bit around the house and getting some booth stuff ready.
I need more time... can anyone give that to me... just a bit.
Or a cleaning lady.
But no nanny *wink*

Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Organize*

Fabulous Friday, so glad to see you once again.   I have missed you... do you think there is any way you could stop by more often?  Oh and feel free to bring Saturday and Sunday with you... they are my kind of people.  When are we going to have some fallish weather... it is still pretty darn warm here.  And, all the plants are dying... you DO NOT want to see my front porch ferns and potted plants... so sad.  Well, some of you get that spring cleaning bug... not me... I want my hands in the dirt and enjoy the breeze.  I get the Fall Cleaning Bug.  I mean, we are going to be cooped up in this house for a few months, so why not clean and purge now.  And, that is what I have been doing... can you tell...nope, it looks as though I have made a bigger mess and have more work.  But, I have a master plan you see, a vision if you will.  And, I am about to *Organize*

I have a confession.  I don't do addresses.  I am always, always begging for addresses.  I think I could use this bright little number to help out!
found at nauli

*hello* cheerful clothespins, I could use you for so many things....
found at maddyanne

A little bit of vintage goodness to help you get organized
and by you, I mean me... it's mine... mine all mine....
found at mabel blue

so love these... for baskets, for bins, for drawers
found at sweetkate

I am reluctant to show you this.  Because I have another confession.  I rarely, rarely show off my very favorite vintage items... they are one ofs you know.  And, one of YOU ladies may swoop in and buy it. 
Well, I am taking a chance.  I lalalalove this!
found at sadieolive

One of these planners will be mine... I am quite indecisive as she has a few really cute designs.  I have a little while longer to make up my mind... I am leaning towards the green!
found at sarahpinto

love these too... gosh I am a risk taker... it is like hiding the last perfect sweater under a pile of ugly pants...
DON'T BUY THEM!  teehee

I have been doing some serious organizing in this baby...

And, it has been brought to my attention that my furniture names are a little sexist.  Well, most of my pieces are quite girly and I am surrounded at home by boys.  But I thought I would humor him and honor him all at once.  So, this pratical piece of vintage goodness is Bubba.

Well, we are off to the booth.... Della and Michelle said adios (Della went to a *very* good home where I know she fits in just fine *wink*)
And, I need to get back here and make my other birthday boy some cupcakes for his big day....

.....have I ever mentioned that I married a much, much older man

Bye for now!

oh and remember you have until Monday to enter my giveaway

Some Befores, Some Afters

Happy Monday night!  It could be worse, it could be Monday morning again.  Sometimes I think Mondays physically hurt my spirit.  Ahhh well, we are a little closer to the weekend right now, huh? 
I thought I would share some pieces that I finished recently.  On Labor Day while many of you were bbqing, I was trying to get some pieces painted during naptime.  And I got quite a few finished.  Some you have already seen.  The above chair (the Bess) said bye-bye on Saturday (we delivered it to the booth on Friday).  I don't have a before of this chair that I can find, but it wasn't pretty.  I often think about many years  (or weeks) down the road when someone finds one of these pieces and is like "Dear Barbara, why in the world would anyone paint a chair that color of blue."

Here is a chest that also sold this weekend.... I really liked it...

Ugly... agreed?

and after

The Savannah... love the name, adore the place

And here is a piece that in no way, shape, or form was going to fit in my house.  Believe me... I tried!!

why oh why would I want a rusty old wheely thing with no shelves and broken glass in my house?

Well, because Dr. Livingstone looks pretty good cleaned up!

We had some marble from a piece that we bought... it was broken in half, so we took it to our granite guy and had him cut it down so it would fit this vintage dental cabinet.

I seriously lugged this piece inside up 4 steps from the garage and tried it in the powder room (while Mr. Hughes was away, of course... he doesn't approve of me lifting heavy stuff and I don't have the patience to wait!)
Now, me and baby hughes could use the bathroom just fine... anyone taller than me though.... well, it would have been a squeeze, so off to the booth it went.

Well, what do we have here?  Well, this is my secretary, Kate (and my terribly messy garage.)
No, silly geese... this is the before... 
What the heck did they do to her?  Why oh why?

See all those cubbies... well, I have something special planned for them.... very *just for me* kind of special.  She is in the works girls and I hope to have her in the house by this weekend.
Pray for cooperative monsters and husbands! (no, don't really pray for that!!)

Okay, now, if you haven't, please enter my giveaway!  

Bye for now!

A Happy Giveaway!

Hello all!  Hope you had a great, wonderful, fabulous weekend!  We were busy as usual... one of us made two trips out to the booth... and it wasn't me!  So, later this week I will show you some before and afters of some pieces that I have completed.  Right now, I am being a little selfish and working on a piece that is just for me... well us... well, no really me *wink*  

But, right now I want to introduce all of you (many of you already know her) to Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy.  She is one of the very first blogs I started to read.  She is a work at home mommy that makes all kinds of beauties like this:

A "sunnies" case.... so cute!  

And this adorable apron!

and this great covered notebook... I love the fabrics she uses together

And my favorite~

Her flower pins... she calls these petal pushers *smiles*
She also has many other posy pins and bags and zippered cases...
well, go take a look for yourself... but don't be gone too long....

Alright... did you pick out your favorite?  Good, because Lindsey is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop... BUT if you aren't feeling lucky or you can't wait to get your hands on that sunnies case, 
she is also offering anyone reading this a 10% discount... just enter VINTAGE at the checkout!

Okay... here is how you can win... 
comment and let me know what you are going to get if you win
if you want to tweet or blog about it, comment and let me know and I will enter you again.
Be sure to visit Lindsey and say hi!
You have a week to enter... baby hughes will fish a name out with his chubby little hands next Monday.

Okay, I will be back later this week with some furniture redos and to ask a color opinion for my Kate Secretary...
I am busy redoing my photo wall and purging some stuff.... 
I call it Fall Cleaning!

Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Industrial*

Hi Friday... nice to see you again... and you guys too!  I took an extra day off this week and enjoyed the day yesterday with a haircut and pizza and ice cream.  Oh, and we went to our favorite farmers market too and baby hughes picked out a pumpkin and I got 4 baby white ones to maybe change up things a bit.  It is still in the low 90s here, so I will wait to bring home the big stack of grey ones...  I don't do loads of Halloween decorating, but I do like me some pumpkins... and I leave them out til they start to rot... one never did... like I just ended up throwing them out... whoa.... rambling here.  Okay, back to the task at hand...This week's Friday Etsy Favorites *Industrial*

How awesome is this propellor?  Wouldn't be great hung up on a wall?  
found at bellalulu

I never get tired of locker baskets... I am going to happen upon a load of them one of these days and I will be a happy, happy girl!

Perfect for your cottage kitchen to take away the too sweetness
found at junk2funkbiz

are you swooning?  I am!

wouldn't a pair of these be great to hang ferns from?

If I had a old vintage kitchen island, this would be on it with a big roll of paper.

Love this organizer... just think of all the things... like vintage buttons or shells, arranged by color

This lamp is perfect for our library... love that stool too!
also found at french by design

We are off to go fluff the booth, taking some new pieces out... I have finished a few pieces and I will be back next week and have some befores and afters....
oh yeah... and I am having a giveaway on Monday *wink*
Have a great weekend!

bye for now!

*hello* I'm Michelle, and I am okay

Last week was a struggle.  Nothing was really wrong.... some frustrations, but not anything big.  But, I found myself snippy and complaining and plain frustrated.  
I read so many blog posts about how to be, how to keep it together and *keeping it real*
But, they all still seem too perfect still....

It isn't perfect here... but I am not going to show you what my messy house looks like... I am not going to give you the token messy shot.  You want keeping it real... well, here it is.....

Sometimes I don't like deep, meaningful friendships...sometimes I want someone who will obsess over what color I need to paint the back of my secretary.  Maybe someone to drool over a celeb crush.  Or someone that doesn't want to analyze every. little. thing. Shallowness.... nothing wrong with it. 

I don't watch the news... I am not up to date with world happenings.  The news depresses me.  I don't want to hear horrific things... I don't want to shut my eyes and see death and dying.  But, when I read about a sick child or animal, I feel it.  In my bones.  I cry with you.  But, do I want to hear horrific stories?  No, I don't. 

I don't want to read "bettering" books.  Because, deep down, I really like myself.  Maybe not the extra pounds I want to lose or my frizzy hair.  But, my personality with all its flaws, I like it.  I know it.
I like that I know how to read a story just right to my little boy.  And, I like that I have excellent taste on music (or so I think.)  And, I like my style.  I enjoy going overboard for birthday parties and such.  For my baby and for us, because you know what... maybe the Mr. and I  will only get one 2nd birthday.
And, I like that I don't wear socks that match. 

I am just materialistic enough to like things like little blue boxes and designer bags but know that those things aren't essential and can live without them and still be happy. 

And, I wear perfume sometimes that I think smells good even though my husband doesn't care for it and my bff loathes it.  My sister loves it and says it is me.

I can't tell you when my monster last ate a veggie (except for guacamole.)

I don't need to have a girl's night out.  I know that I am okay without one.  That maybe my therapy and let looseness involves picking up a paintbrush and painting a chair my favorite shade of green.
I am almost 32 years old (eek) and I know myself well enough to know what I need and what is important.
And, sometimes that is reading Owl Babies several times a day instead of cleaning the blasted shower.

I truly would give up my right to vote if it meant staying at home with my baby.  Girls, I am not a women's lib type of lady... I am not a go-getter CEO type.  

And, you know what?  I like myself enough to even name a piece of furniture after myself.
Silly as it may seem... this chair is me.

Green, not red,
Black and white 
Vintage and modern

So, while I hope you like her (and me)
I like her (and me)
Perfectly imperfect, unshaven legs and all.

Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Sky*

hey there kids!  It is Friday again... we don't really have anything "planned" persay, but I imagine we will find some good clean fun somewhere along the way.  Have I mentioned that I adore September?  I may or may not have kissed Mr. Hughes for the first time 6 years ago today.... c'mon... girls keep up with this stuff!! So, in celebration of the swirly wonderful September sky, I present my etsy favorites *Sky*

Okay.. love this... like I wish this was in my backyard right now (the whole set up that is... brick wall and all)
Found at heidi adnum

I am always drawn to this particular shade of yellow.  And, when it is paper butterflies ahh perfection!
found at megitys

okay this pincushion "sold out" but I am thinking that maybe if I beg I can get one still *wink*
I never knew I NEEDED a sky pincushion before now
found at seapinks

I think I may have mentioned my love affair with all things letterpress.  Everything looks great letterpressed!
Love this card!
found at letterpress

how happy, happy, happy is this? so sweet... spread them around!
found at mommyholly

Alright, I don't know how you feel about framed bugs, but we at the Casa de Hughes love them!  We went to a butterfly conservatory on our honeymoon in St. Maarten and they framed up the ones after they died naturally.  We bought 2 and I have always wanted a 3rd... so, one of these will be purchased as soon as I make a decision on which one.

If we didn't already have a growth chart handpainted by Mr. Hughes, this one would be on its way.
I love vintage hot air balloons
found at chocovenyl

the pillow says it all
found at freshline

This print is darling!  And happy
found at carambatack

if only everyone had a silver lining

A little bird told me that The Roost and Three French Hens is having a birthday party on Saturday with cake.  Yum!  So, I am sure we will be by the booth this weekend.

Here's hoping that all your skies are beautiful this weekend!
Bye for now!


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