I Interrupt....

... my regularly scheduled blog post about lovely etsy finds to 
go on a date with 

my other husband.
be back soon.  And yes, I read the book.
But only because I knew he was in the movie.

bye for now!

Meet Mary

Happy Monday to you all!
I am sick... yes, it seems that baby hughes cold or virus or whatever he had has blessed us all.  
Of course, if I have to be home sick, I want to be right here in my warm, breezy backyard watching my boy play with a vintage train and yell at the wind.

We had a wonderful weekend.... great weather...lots of gardening and cooking out and I even painted our upstairs hall.
Rainwater by Martha in case you are wondering.
And also, if you are wondering,  Frog Tape isn't any better than regular painter's tape.  There, I said it.  Of course, it may just be me and my methods.

I even finished a new piece.
And one sweet girl helped me name her after I pondered aloud (on twitter)  what her name should be.
She jokingly suggested her own name... which also happens to be my mother's name.
And it stuck.

So, Meet Mary.
Both are quite sweet and vintage loving.
And pretty!

The weather is pretty and getting warmer, so I can only imagine that I will be painting up a storm in the weeks to come.  I have a few pieces waiting on me to just choose a color already... light grey... or medium grey.... or blue...

Hopefully I will be back soon to show you some more furniture redos and maybe what the upstairs hall looks like once I get everything all painted.

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *The Dress*

Hello and Happy Good Friday!

Since it is wedding season... or getting close to my anniversary....
I am thinking of how I would have done mine differently.
Of course, I would still choose Mr. Hughes.
But, back in 2006, I didn't know about etsy.  And while we handmade many things ourselves, there is just so much more to choose from now.  And, there is the thing that I just love weddings and parties. So, I want to do little series over the next few weeks about what I would choose now and I will start with 
*The Dress*

I love ruffles and pleats!
found~ ktjean

The back of this gown is gorgeous!
And how about that location?

Love the lacy look... and the off the shoulder.... and the sweet pleated tulle underskirt!
found~ ktjean

I love tea length dresses too... this one would make you feel like a ballerina!

And I adore this tea length one as well... and that veil... swoony!
found~ joanshum

I love the sweet simplicity of this gown... especially the pleated neckline!

Layers and layers of pleated loveliness

I adore the contrasting sash... and her bouquet has a few of my favorite blooms!

We don't have much planned today.  I think we will go try to see if we can find some baby ducks... to look at, NOT buy! And go spectacle shopping... I need some new frames.
And dye some eggs tomorrow.  The boy is sort of sick again, so we will keep it all low key.
Next week I will be back with a few furniture makeovers.
And maybe my upstairs hall will be painted.  

Have a most glorious Easter Sunday!
bye for now!

Happy Thursday!

Hello hello hellooooo!
How are you?
I have the day off so I am great!
Baby is napping.
I will go paint some stuff in a few minutes, but I wanted to share a crafty, Easter-y project that baby hughes and I attempted.  

From Country Living

From the moment I saw these sweet little nests, I knew I wanted to try them.  baby hughes was super excited when I was setting everything up.  When it was time to start, it occupied him for probably 5 minutes tops.  I had to finish the one he started on.

Here are ours.... we used vintage maps for these two.  If I do it again, I will use our shredder to get the pieces more fine.
After Easter, if they aren't destroyed, I think we will use it to hold his growing rock collection.

here is another that I used old book pages for.  It was lots of fun... well, for me.  Quite messy though and they take awhile to dry.  I also painted little wooden eggs a pale blue with brown specs.
If you would like to attempt these nests, here is the link to the details.

In other news (oh and this isn't one of the 2 secrets... I need to wait a bit longer on those!)
Danielle is having a great giveaway that is benefiting an even GREATER cause.  So swing by there and see all the fabulous items ONE person will win.  Oh, and it is her birthday, so be sure to mention that 
Isn't that sweet of her to give presents instead of getting them?

Okay, paint is calling my name!

bye for now!!

And the winner is......

Email me your address at michelle at vintagejunky dot com and I will put you in touch with Camille and get you your fabulous garden markers.

In other news, I did a sort of crafty project that I will show you later this week... it is definitely Easter-y.
And I cleaned my studio. It may never look this nice again.
That is all. I will be back soon. Promise.

bye for now!


Does anyone still say that?
Well, I don't care!  I have quite a few things I am psyched out of my mind about!

Simple stuff like this photo.
Is it wonderful?  Nope, but I love the shadows.  So much that I called Mr. Hughes downstairs to see it.
Oh and this is one of the plants that is sentenced to die.  But isn't it pretty now?

And that this girl is having a baby today! So go over there and send her some love!!

And this from the garden show.  This was the Three French Hens/ The Roost booth.
I am totally stealing this photo from here.
(since we forgot our camera!)
I don't think they will mind though
Their booth was amazing!  They built this little house from salvaged windows and doors.
It was quite magical!  
And I just have to say once again that they are so sweet and I am so glad I have a booth with them!

And the Dream Job e-course that I just signed up for the other day.
I am learning a lot girls!  And it is helping me focus on goals that I have for Vintage Junky 
Even if you already have a business up and running, I think that this is such an inspiring course.
I am excited about this pretty spring weather and some new pieces I have to paint that I bought last night.
I can't wait to get my hands on them!

I am so loving my little hoop that I got in the mail from Heather
I like it in so many places that I can't just choose one, but for now it is in my entry across from the dining room.

And I am excited we didn't get a ticket for pulling a U-turn so we could get to Target to buy Deathly Hallows on DVD... I mean, so I could use the facilities.  I even told the policeman that I asked Mr. Hughes to turn around and blamed my bladder.  I think it helped get us out of the ticket.
And it turns out that it doesn't come out until Friday.
So, I know what I will be doing during nap time tomorrow!

And, I have 2 secrets that are kind of a big deal for me. One I will let you in on next week.  The other....well, you will have to wait just a bit longer to find out about it.

And today is Thursday!  My favorite day!
What are YOU excited about?

bye for now!

oh and there is still time to enter my giveaway!

Another Garden-y Giveaway

Hello all! 
I am back (sort of) from a busy, busy weekend.  I will share more of that later this week (can you believe we forgot our cameras when we went to the Bloomin Garden Show?)

Anyhow, I want to give you the chance to win some awesome garden herb markers from

I featured this item on one of my Friday Etsy Faves and Miss Camille contacted me and asked if I would like to do a giveaway.... ummmm   YEAH!  I adore their vintage-y look!

One of you will get to win 4 of the garden markers with your choice of herb or veggies names on them.

All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me your favorite herb/ veggie (mine's basil.... mmm.mm.mmmm!)  and go to the link for Camille's shop and add her to your etsy faves too.
Easy huh?

I will annouce the winner next Monday!

bye for now!!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Chugga-Chugga*

Hello all!
Happy Friday to you!
This is around the time of year that I lose my mind and begin planning baby hughes' birthday party.
I love parties.  Especially kid birthday parties.  
We have had the theme for quite some time.... maybe like 3 or 4 days after birthday #2.
I kid. 
It was at least a week.
So while searching through my faves this week, I realized I could share some

These vintage train station cards would look great spread on a table or as little place cards
found~ SilverCrow

look at this spread!  
love, love, love it!!
found~ cakeink

the invites are the one of the best parts I think!

love these sweet thank yous

love this invite too!
found~ andersruff

love these prints!  I actually purchased this one yesterday, but the shop has a few more.

I am thinking we need a vintage ticket punch!

And this vintage train piece would be a great centerpiece on the table

We have had this shirt for a while (stained right now)
For those of you "unschooled" allow me... this is a diesel!
We get one of their number shirts every year
found~ happyfamily

So, you know what this means, right?  
You have to put up with me mentioned birthday #3 for 4 months.

We have a busy day ahead of us.... dentist.... booth..... and the Bloomin Garden Show.

And speaking of gardens... the winner of the garden tools plus some surprises is
Congrats!  Send me your address and I will get your parcel to you right away.

And speaking of giveaways... come back on Monday and I have another giveaway from a wonderful etsy seller!  I am so excited for the winner of this one.

Okay... last thing and then I am signing off to go mess with my bangs... they were cut by a new stylist....
The series is great and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.  So you can scoot over there and check it out!

have a happy, happy weekend.
And pray for the plants that I will sentence to death today!

bye for now!


Hello all!
I just wanted to toot my horn just a bit.
Recently I was asked to write some small filler articles for an area antiques magazine

The first article was due just a few days after the editor asked me so I wrote about something near and dear to my heart.
My Stack!

So I just wrote a short small article and shared a sneak peak of my growing stack.  I think it has the potential to reach the ceiling!  I actually have added a small one since this photo was taken. But, it is an obsession and I need MORE!

So, if you can't get enough of me here, you can go 
here and read my short article on page 38.

Oh, and don't forget to enter my Garden-y Giveaway!  I will draw a winner on Friday.
bye for now!

My Favorite Nook Series


Hello all!
How was your weekend?  Ours was nice... weather was pretty.  We played outside and then today... cool again.
C'mon Spring!
I just popped in really quick to tell you about a guest post series that I am really excited to be a part of.
Stefanie at Brooklyn Limestone writes one of my fave fave blogs and it is actually one of the very first blogs that I started following.  So, when she asked me to share my favorite nook, I was beyond flattered.  Then when I saw the line up of the other bloggers' nooks she is going to be featuring I was just shocked to be included in so much talent!

Here is the lineup for the series:

Creature Comforts - April 7
Vintage Junky - April 8
House Bella - April 9
Decor Chick - April 10
Bijou and Boheme - April 11
Mr. Goodwill Hunting - April 12
Hi Sugarplum! - April 13
Our Humble Abowed - April 14
Jones Design Co. - April 15
221 Vision - April 16
Design Crush - April 17
Love Meagan - April 18
Hodge Podge - April 19
Simplified Bee - April 20
Traci Zeller - April 21
In the Tweeds - April 22
The Blah Blah Blahger - April 23

So I hope you will check out this great series!

I will be back soon to show you a few furniture transformations and maybe talk about how I am shaking up the upstairs.... paint has been purchased!

bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Garden-y*

Hello hello hello!!!
I am pretty excited... the sun just peeked out!
So it being the First of April and sunny
I am feeling a little

I adore vintage garden tools!

and industrial tray type things! 
Wouldn't this look great planted with succulents and moss?

How great is this whimsical fairy/gnome door?

I think my love of letterpress has been declared before
This Tennessee shop has a great Farmer's Market line
found~ YeeHaw

I also love moss terrariums!

The ultimate in guerilla gardening!

Ahhh.... vintage-y weathered terracotta.... a sure way to a gardener's heart!

what a cherry fun watering can!

I LOVE these garden markers!  

Lemon mint scrub to get the dirt off!

Isn't this instant collection great?

And this... this is what I added to my cart and snatched up... you can't have it
but I will tell you where I found it

Oh and don't forget to enter my Garden-y Giveaway!
I will announce the winner next Friday.

Have a wonderful Fool's Day... be nice!!

bye for now!


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