New House Progress

If you follow long with me on Instagram or Facebook, then you have seen some of these sneak peeks of what's going on in the new house.  We have most of the major stuff finished.  We have new electrical and plumbing and our attic has new insulation and has been sealed.  We have some more unfun, but important things to do, but now it is more about getting it to look and function how we want.
I have been putting up curtains and fluffing here and there in between the chaos that occurs every few days when we have to demo something.  Right now, we are prepping for new counters and a back splash.
I have been steadily hanging pictures in all the areas that have been painted so far.  I have realized that I have so much wall art, mirrors, frames, etc that I really have to pare down after this downsizing.  And it is so hard!  I obviously love almost everything.  Plus, with the plaster walls, I am having to be very choosy about what goes up and where.  I can no longer grab a pack of Hercules hooks and play around with a bunch of extra holes.  I mean, I could, but I don't love having to patch big holes.  I am hoping to sweet talk the Mr into hanging the super heavy stuff this week.

 4 out of 7 rooms are mostly painted.  The inside of the cabinet doors need one more coat, but I ran out of paint.  That didn't stop the Mr from installing the pulls.  We ripped out 2 built in areas in the kitchen and that helped a lot with the painting and expenses in there.... less counter top area = choosing my dream counters!

My absolutely wonderful, spectacular Mr.  did hang up my sash rods yesterday so I could at least take down the paper and tape on one window.  He can't stand hanging anything window related, so I was happy that he volunteered to do it.

I probably won't be able to show you afters for quite some time since everything thing is in the range of not even started to almost finished.  But, it is coming together like the vision I had for this place when I first saw it.


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