What is up

Well, I certainly never meant to stay away from the blog for quite so long.  We have been quite consumed with house stuff, both buying and selling. We have been all over for the past few months trying to find a town that was as close to our criteria.  And, then finding homes we liked within those towns was pretty daunting. It became un- fun quite quickly.  It was nothing I really felt like sharing here on the blog.  We have finally found a place we love and hope to move there very soon.  And, once we get settled, I will feel like sharing (over sharing!) I'm sure.  My boy finished up preschool recently and will be starting Kindergarten so soon.  I have such mixed emotions about that.  I'm not ready to give him up for that much time per week.  I closed my booth at Winchester Antiques to prepare for the move.  I loved being there.  Of all the places I have had a booth, it was most definitely my favorite.  I haven't decided what the future looks like for a booth or a store once we get moved.  I do miss having a booth and maybe once we get settled I will want to open something again.  

I will keep my etsy shop though.  My work was actually featured in the recent Cottages and Bungalows.  I have several designs that I am working on, but I just haven't gotten them all worked up and tweaked exactly how I want them. 

I am still knitting.  I think it may be my go to hobby.  That and reading.  I seem to always have something on my needles and my kindle.  My personal goal this year would be to knit a sweater.  I think I am there.  I am just a little apprehensive about gauge still.  So, I have been working on smaller projects like these fingerless mitts... my first go at colorwork.  When we get settled, I am hoping to join a knitting group.  The Mr and the boy and most of my close friends aren't into knitting.

And, as if I needed another hobby, the Mr. bought me and the boy ukuleles.  I am not musical.  I think I can probably peck out Chopsticks on the piano and maybe a little Heart and Soul, but that is about it.  So, I am hoping to be able to pick it up and not get too frustrated. 

I hope to update the blog more often.  Lately, I haven't felt the need to write more than a caption on Instagrams.  Right now, we are in the in between, the middle. We have had a really busy Spring and we are hoping for a little more relaxing time soon.


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