Me Time

Hello all!  It has been a bit since I blogged.  I caught the bambino's cold and I truly didn't have time for it.  So, when I wasn't painting I was having a little me time.  As much as I can have with a sick 3 year old *wink* I clipped peonies every day and I have little bunches all over the house.  I painted a table here that needed it and redecorated a powder room that probably didn't need it.  And, most importantly, I finished this:

Yes, all it needs is a pressing and a framing.  I went a little out on my own with some different color choices.  And, my stitches aren't as nice as the original.  I am pretty proud of it since it was a first try embroidering... up until now all I have done was little practice stitches and a little sign for our camper.  I have seriously thought about carrying it around with me and pulling it out at any given moment to show it off *wink*  And, here is a warning to friends... you should probably expect something embroidered in the near future.  I am already deciding what to work on next.

Okay, I will be back soon with some photos of home projects.  I have started quite a few small ones lately. Right now, I need to get to the shoppe and paint something *pink* for a sweet nursery.

bye for now~

Sick Days

Hello and happy Friday!  The past couple of days have been sick days.  I am not sick (yet!) but the little man is... therefore, I am sick.  I sent the Mr. to the shoppe to watch it yesterday (and he will today too) while I wiped a little red nose and tried to keep my cool when *someone* clamped their mouth shut and the sticky medicine went everywhere.  Fun times!  There is something about a sick kiddo that is so endearing though.  It could be that he is actually sitting still long enough for me to get some extra snuggles.  Or that even though he is yelling and upset about being sick, all he really wants is to be around me.  What can I say, I like to be needed!  So, we have been keeping ourselves busy here at the casa.  I have still been switching some things up and the Mr. came home and put up something for me last night.  Plus, I cleaned up the studio.... it was long overdue.

Right now, we are parked on the sofa and I can (don't think the hyena can) smell my first peony of the year:

I am not sure why I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I get a bloom.  I mean, I just stuck the plant in the ground and every now and then I will weed the bed.  This year, most of my bushes are blooming and the smell is so nice in the house  I had peonies in my wedding bouquet and it has made me think of that day every time I walk by... scent is so powerful!!

I have also been plugging away on my list for 2012.  I have painted the living room.  Scheduled a photo shoot and started on this yesterday!

I figured if I did one letter a week then I could get it finished by the end of the year still.... look though... I am an overachiever!  I finished "a" and am now working on "b" so maybe I will have it done a little sooner.  Does anyone have experience with this transfer stuff though?  I am hoping that it actually does dissolve in warm water.  The tracing seemed so tedious..... I would never have gotten started!

We have a fun weekend ahead of us.  Our shoppe neighbor, Spring Hill Antique Mall, is sponsoring a Antiques and Craft Festival right across from us tomorrow from 9-5.  We will be opening early to take part in all that fun!  That is why it is SO important for the hyena to feel better.... he will not want to miss out on that.  So, I am prescribing extra Elmo, extra red juice and extra, extra snuggles (to make up for that medicine!)

Alright, I am going to do some dishes and then work on "b." Have a great weekend!  Oh and Restoration House Interiors did a little interview with me today!

bye for now!


Hello all!  Wow!  Where have I been?  I realized that I haven't posted in awhile.  And, I certainly wasn't being lazy *smiles*  We have had some super busy weeks at the shoppe and I have been shaking things up at home, but nothing was quite ready to take a photo or maybe I just forgot the camera.  Plus, we have had some company.  We spent a great day with my sis yesterday and while I always miss her, I realize just how much I miss her when she is here. or I am there.  baby hughes *adores* her.  Like, I am "always his best friend" but I heard him introduce her as "his favorite best friend." Somehow, I think that trumps my best friend status.  I also think its pretty cute that my 3 year introduces me and my sister to people and not the other way around.

We went out hunting last week.  Each time I do it, I try to find a spot for everything I buy. I really only buy what I love, and then I have a pep talk with myself to let it go.  I really don't want to be on Hoarders or the shoppe to be empty.  Here is a pep talk that myself lost with me:

This piece is a keeper!  I have been slowly changing things around and while the piece I said I would never part with has better storage, this piece has better legs!  Yep, I am a leg girl!  It was missing the drawer hardware.  I had been saving the rusty bin pulls for a special occasion and this was it.... they fit perfectly.  I only had two though, so I braided some linen for the top ones.  It was a temporary fix, but I am kind of liking the look.  And, even though I paint furniture, this one is staying as is.  Which means, this will be the second piece with original paint in the house.  You can also get a little glimpse of the new wall color, which I adore!  I can't believe I lived with the other for over 5 years.  It made a huge difference.  And even though I went from a green to a grey, all the colors in the room pop more and it seems brighter.  I got the vintage German botanical chart off of etsy a few years ago and decided this was the perfect spot.  It was torn and ripped, so I mounted it on some canvas.  I think I may get a new lamp too or a new shade.  Now, this piece is pretty hot all by itself with its great legs and original paint.  But, we got a surprise bonus with it too....

This smokin' hot Mr. T tee shirt was hiding in the drawers!  Did we hit the jackpot or what?!?!  I get a great piece of furniture and the Mr gets an awesome tee shirt!

Have to run now... I have to find a home for loads of cds.... I think I will stash them in the stack of suitcases.  Oh, if any of you have a great herringbone or tweedy or greyish velvet upholstery fabric on a sofa, please let me know.  I think I have the Mr convinced to recover the one upstairs.

bye for now!

Post Road Vintage Giveaway Winner

The winner of the Post Road Vintage Giveaway is 

Leanne, please email me your address at 
michelle at vintagejunky dot com

and I will put you in touch with Heather to get you your awesome prize!  Congrats!

Okay, I am off for the weekend... not really off,  I just won't be blogging unless I can find a few more hours in the day.  I have  some home stuff to share and some shoppe stuff to share.  Right now though, it is all a mess!

Have a very lovely Easter!

bye for now!

Give an Inch....

Hello all and Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend!  We had a busy weekend at the shoppe and some out of town guests as well.  Still, I managed to roll on a coat of new paint in the living room yesterday.... I sent the Mr. to watch the shoppe and the bambino and I stayed at home.  I was pretty productive!  I got two coats on and most of everything moved back before the Mr. got home... it is best that these sort of things are done without his knowledge *wink*  So, after painting the walls, the room has a whole new look that I will share when I get a few things hung.  My mind is spinning on how to really change it around without spending too much.  Here are a few photos that I haven't been able to get out of my mind since I saw them originally published.... before pinterest!  Was there ever a time?  I have since pinned them just in case my original magazine gets lost.

via Southern Living

I shared this photo a long, long time ago.  It stuck with me.  I really love this room.  I am hoping to incorporate a little of this room in our living room.

also via Southern Living

This is another room that I adore!  I couldn't remember which magazine it was in the other night when  was searching through my stacks... I like to keep the original so I can refer back to the whole home... this  chick's home is fantastic!  Anyhow, I put in a quick text message to my friend and said something like.... remember the aqua velvet sofa with the long pillow?  She knew exactly what photo I was talking about and helped me narrow down the magazines.  That is true friendship.... remembering what rooms your friend loves!  I love this room!  The sofa is amazing.  I don't think I will be getting it any time soon though.  

via Country Living

And the stacks!  It is no secret that I have a little thing for vintage luggage.  I have my own healthy stack already, but I thought I would include it since it is fantastic!


I have also been wanting to add some yellow to the room... and here is where I would take a mile...these drapery panels.    I love them!  But, they are sadly out of my price range right now.  I have seriously been stalking them, hoping they will go on sale.  I want them so badly!  I can't even find a good compromise on them.  I love my drapes that I have, but those could easily be moved to some windows that don't have curtains.

Okay, I am off!  I received quite a few custom pieces to paint this weekend and I also have to paint stuff for the shoppe and the booth.  There is still time to enter to win the Post Road Vintage Giveaway!

bye for now!


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