Misfits Finished!

Hello and Happy Spring (haha!  it is actually snowing right now in TN) I finished the misfits last week, but couldn't get it together to write a blog post until now.  I was on sick boy duty and the Mr. was out of town all week, so blogging wasn't in the cards.  But, now the Mr is back (and is sick) and the boy is well, so I thought I could fit it in today.

Basically, I wanted all these chairs to look as they had been found *as is*  The only one that I didn't touch is that sweet black and white gal (her paint is chippy and showing green too!)

This is the formerly green girl.  I painted her a thick coat of a soft white paint and hope she chips eventually.  I didn't want to distress her... just let her age here and there.

This was the au natural beauty.... I painted her with a warmer white and distressed her.  Since she was so similar to the last one that I had already painted in the grey, I gave her a little something extra...

Maybe it is the desire to paint eggs, but I thought some soft blue stripes would be perfect.

This is the grey one... I painted her a mix of the soft white and a pale, pale grey that I call Mora Clock to make her sort of white, not quite grey.

If you have been reading my posts for awhile and have a steel trap memory, you will notice that this table is the table I originally used in my studio that is now a playroom.  I also changed out the curtains here and they were too short.  I have had these linen panels since college and I have always held onto them in case I ever moved into a place with really low ceilings again.

 What to do, what to do??

 I machine sewed a little band with some leftover linen from another project and then did a quick and casual blanket stitch along them.

So I have a completely different breakfast nook and really spent very little on it.  I really like moving stuff I have to new places. 

Here are a few other views of this little nook over the past 7 years....

I hope it is warmer where you guys are!  I am ready to spend more time outside!

bye for now~

Mismatched Chairs

Last week when I was at my booth at Winchester Antiques, I turned around and saw the sweetest little chair (3rd from left.) I knew I had to have it even though I didn't know what I would do with it... I had my heart set on some industrial chairs with my recently repainted table in my kitchen nook.  I currently had a set of 4 white Navy chair knockoffs that we bought before we were married.  I always try to buy vintage when I can, but I was super tempted by 4 matching Tolix with my lion paw table.  After I got that sweet black and white beauty in, I saw how wonderful it looked at the table.

Rewind several months ago.... I found a little curved back chair (far right) and it was so lonely.  I bought it to sell at the store and painted it a weathered grey.  I kept telling the Mr that I would get over the industrial chairs if I could find a set of 4 just like this one. 

So, as of last Thursday, I had 2 curved back chairs with spindles in my possession.  Cue a text to my friend and shop keeper  Carol.  She had a green curved back chair (far left) that was similar... different spindles from the grey.  I liked it.  I took it home.  Then, we decided to go on a little hunting trip on Saturday.  My goals: yellow flower pot (check, McCoy) and a curved back chair, preferably in white, definitely not red!  And, as you can see (2nd from right) I came home with my prize in au natural!  So, after being quarantined for the past couple of days, I have been pinning some tables all with misfit chairs.  

 After much discussion that went sort of like this:
me: I am kind of liking the really mismatched look of the chairs... especially the wooden one.  Do you want to leave them as is?
the MR: no. I don't like it with everything else that is going on here.
me: all shades of white?
the MR: sure.  whatever.

He had more input later, but it is pretty decided that they will be white, but different.  I wish they were all *found* whites, but since they aren't, I do want them to look more collected and that different hands painted them. So, to get that look, I will probably use different kinds and colors of white paints.  That black and white one won't be touched though.  I love how in the last photo, they all have a similar shapes and spindles and different whites.  I am honestly surprised it has taken me so long to collect a bunch of random chairs... I always loved Monica's table *wink*

Back soon with the chairs' makeovers~

bye for now~

Spring Ahead

Hi there!  How many blogs do you think have used that as their title over the past couple of days? Probably too many to count, but seeing as I have been up most of the night with a sick boy who thought the only way to make himself feel better and get to sleep was to kick me repeatedly, I didn't feel the need to be too creative with my title.  He says he is feeling better, but we are still taking it easy today with steady doses of movies and unlimited juice refills.  Yesterday though, was glorious!  The windows were open.  The birds were chirping.  Spring had arrived.  I have been changing things up as normal and yesterday the final pieces were ready for a simple, springy mantle.

We have a boring gas fireplace. I really want to rip out the ceramic logs and stack some stuff in there.  But since I am not really comfortable just ripping out stuff when it is connected to gas lines, I guess I will leave it. For now.

After asking for some plant advice on Facebook and Instagram, I decided to just plant some wheat grass.  I had some.  It is easy to grow and I know it won't last so I don't feel terrible about killing it.  Plus, it is just so darn cheerful and springy.  The boy helped me plant this last week and it sprouted in about 4 days.   

This little painting makes me so happy.  The vases/ urns are a find from an antique store several years ago.  They constantly make the cut when I am editing and purging.  

I could have sold this little bird that I had in the photo booth at the store several times.  But, it is one of those quirky pieces that I couldn't let go.  I love the color and the pearly type finish. I almost bought another this past weekend that was sweet too, but there was something that held me back.  Maybe I don't want to have a flock.  Maybe one is enough in this case.  I am slightly remorseful that I didn't pick it up.  I will get over it though.  Maybe.

We went hunting for pleasure this weekend.  Which means, we didn't haul the trailer.  We took my car and still packed it full.  I came home with what I was looking for and it was a great day out.  Something when you hunt constantly, it can be such a bummer to come home with an empty trailer.  Of course, this time we came across some *stuff* that I would have loved to bring home  to stock my booth if we would have had more space.  I still came home with some sweet smaller finds that will be in my etsy shop soon or at my booth in Franklin.

I think a nap is in order soon.  Hopefully a kick free nap *wink*

bye for now~

Mixy Matchy Gallery Wall

Hellohellohello!  I have been gliding (tripping) around the house changing some things up since it is March and I am willing Spring to come.    I have been collecting (without realizing it) quite a few prints and frames (well, I realized the frames.)  I had done a gallery wall once before and I kept subtracting until there was nothing left.  But, I think the problem was it was too matchy...

this was after a bit of subtracting and now the entire room is different.

See, I am not really matchy... more mixy.  So, all the black frames and black and white prints are gone (with the exception of the silhouettes... they are perfectly happy on a pale blue wall upstairs.) So, after some framing and switching some things around, I grabbed a hammer and nails and went for it...

I did the whole kraft paper and tape thing last time.... this time, I jumped right in and there are a few extra holes, but there is also a huge dent in this wall from when I dropped the iron down the stairs.  I have to tell you... I would much rather jump right in and start hammering away then measure and cut paper and all that.  This isn't the final arrangement.  I figured I would add a few more prints and art here and there along with some hangable vintage finds too.  This wall is always smudged since it is white flat paint and now with all that happiness up there, I don't notice the smudges or that dent nearly as much.  I do however notice that carpet on the stairs.  I have had the runners going on 4 years now.  And, I have yet to rip up that carpet.  WHY do builders put carpet in areas that get the MOST traffic?  I would have been happier with plywood.  Oh well... maybe that will get fixed this Spring.  I am also thinking that rail would look nice black...

Well, before I get ahead of myself, there are a few other things that need to be finished first. 

Have a lovely week... and let's will Spring here together... maybe we need a chant... 

bye for now~

ps... here is my new blog if you are interested in stitchy little things

Friday Etsy Favorites *knit and purl*

Hello all!  I have so many favorites in my etsy faves that I decided to do a little round up on my current obsession.  Knitting.  I went a took a casual lesson a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE it!  Granted, I am not really that great and pretty slow.  Plus, I had a clammy panic the other night when I realized that I twisted a whole row of stitches in my first scarf... took an emergency trip to The Joy of Knitting and got it sorted out.  Anyhow, here are some things I am loving on etsy right now.

I personally like to use really pretty and nice tools.  It makes the "work" even more enjoyable.  These needles are so pretty!
found~ brushcreekwoolworks

I purchased this yarn in a different color before I knew how to knit.  I just had to have it.  Now, I think I have to have it in every color.
found~ fancytiger

Once I get past stockinette and garter, maybe I will attempt something like this pattern... I love chunky oatmealy scarfs and sweaters

Not only does the above shoppe create fabulous patterns like that pretty scarf, but they also dye beautiful yarn like this one that has all the colors I love
found~ phydeauxdesigns

I remember seeing this bowl awhile ago and I didn't entirely understand the purpose.  Now that I have had a ball of yarn roll away, I totally get it.  And totally want one

These vintage yellow needles are incredible!  Contrary to what I put out here on my blog, yellow is not my favorite color (that spot is permanently reserved for green) but I can still have crushes, right?
found~ moxiethrift

And speaking of yellow crush, this mustard sweater is perfect! I would love to knit something like this for my boy, but I am not delusional... I am taking baby steps with the scarves.
found~ creaspir

Well, it is a chilly day and it is really thinking about snowing, so I think we will cuddle up today and work on stuff at home.  Happy Friday everyone!!

bye for now~


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