We have been pretty busy as of late and have been at the shoppe more and more.  Our little shoppe has become our home away from home.  Now, most people would think that working more is less than ideal. I say we have a pretty swell set up... especially on nights like last night.  Last year the Mr. came across a vintage 8 mm projector and has since started collecting little films.  It is a production to get these nights started... loading the film often takes longer than the movie.  It is totally worth it though.  Here are our essentials for a great outdoor movie night~

  • Cook out food... on the cutest little green grill
  • Vintage quilt to soften an old bench
  • Campy movie... if a lady hatches from a dinosaur egg, then you know you have it right.
  • Jar to catch fireflies 
  • some Beach Boys tunes
  • Smores.... still debating on whether 1 or 2 jumbo marshmallows make the perfect one
  • Finish off the night with a little guitar music... bonus if baby hughes sings

We are enjoying our summer... work and all!  Hope you are too!

bye for now~

Village Antiques in Nolensville

Hello all!  I meant to post photos of our new space at The Village Antiques in Nolensville right after we set up, but boy was I tired... then I got busy.... then I started a book.  I mentioned to the Mr. that I started a new series and his words were.... oh, great.  So, thanks Sara (and I am sure the Mr. thanks you as well!)  We set up quickly on Tuesday and had to run a few errands (and squeeze in a little lunch date!) before we went to go get the hyena from Preschool.  So, it was a fun, but HOT day!

So here are a few photos of the new space:

That big table was quite a bit of fun getting in there!  The Mr. has been quite busy with his chalkboards, so I was pretty happy that he whipped up one for me late the night before we set up the booth.  Being his wife has its perks!  We kept the booth pretty simple and I put some doilies that I had dyed to good use.  The Mr. was able to get some lighting ready... it always sells pretty fast.  I guess I am not the only one with a little weakness for lamps *smiles*

So, there is our new space.  If you are in the area and would like to visit, the address is:

7289 Nolensville Rd~ Nolensville, Tennessee 37135 
Tuesday- Saturday 10-6
Sunday 1-6

Nolensville is such a charming little town, so be sure to make a day of it!

Well, I think I can squeeze in a chapter while I finish my tea and before I get ready for a day at the shoppe! 

Bye for now~

Plate Piled High

Happy Friday all!!  Hope you have had a lovely week!  Thanks so much for the well wishes on baby hughes' 1st day of Preschool.  He had a fabulous day and said he missed me.... thank goodness!!

Sometimes, especially when I am at my busiest, I just give into the chaos and pile more on my plate.  This time? I decided to open a booth next week in Nolensville at The Village Antiques.  The owner contacted me a while back and asked me to join her there and I am excited to be in Nolensville!  It is such a charming little place that has so many fun places to shop.  So, this weekend, I am running around trying to get everything pulled together and priced for our opening on Tuesday.  Plus, yesterday, I got a wild hair in the middle of that to tear the shoppe apart and redo it to make room for some great finds on our hunting trip this week.  And... in the middle of that, I need to go visit my Winchester booth and take some furniture there... good thing I had some coffee this morning!  So, I am a little busy.  I like being busy though.

Alright, my relief came in and is taking my place in the shoppe so I can run some errands and get to Franklin! I will be back next week with new booth photos... that is just a sneak peek at the top. Have a lovely weekend!!!

bye for now~


hello all!  I am sitting here next to my big Preschooler wondering how this happened... or how did it happen so fast?  Four years ago at this time, this little guy was kicking up storm in my belly and causing my feet to swell to epic proportions.  And, today I dropped him off for his first day of Preschool.  They do a summer session at his school and I thought it would be nice to get him involved before Fall.

He, of course, had a great time.  He jumped out of the car like he didn't have parents.  And, of course, I cried a little.  The Mr. took me out for a little coffee date after we left our boy there, so that was nice *smiles*  I guess it gets easier each day, but I really missed him today.  I mean, even when he is testing my patience, I still really love being with him.  And, it was SO quiet!

So, do tell mommas of boys... what do your boys wear on their feet when they wear shorts?  Flip flops are a no no at school and I think this looks a little funny.... is it the socks?  He was NOT happy about wearing socks and sneakers today.  Or is it my thinking that shorts have to be worn with flip flops?

Tomorrow we are off to treasure hunt!  We are leaving early and seeing where the road takes us!  Be back soon with some new finds and some news.... Vintage Junky news...  For now, though, I think I will take an extra dose of snuggles.

bye for now~


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