Friday Etsy Favorites *Salvage*

Happy Friday to everyone!
I thought that my Friday Etsy Favorites were getting a little soft with all the doilies and lace and frenchy stuff I decided to grunge it up this week with a little dirty, crusty, *Salvage*

I love this gothic fragment... the color is original and it is the perfect, unexpected piece.
found at haven vintage

I have a love for vintage post office doors.... I wish I would just pick them all up... wouldn't a whole bunch of them be great on a wall?
found at junkyard garden

Who doesn't love numbers? These price tags are great!
found at the fancy lamb

This is such a pretty window... you could hang it up or nest it in front of one of your energy efficient replacement windows to give it a little bit of character.
found at accessory addiction

love me some corbels!  Especially greyish, whitish weathered ones... would make great bookends or hang them in an open doorway.... I may have copied that idea from someone... *wink*
found at 40s zen

Are you dying?  Love this and I am soooo not a red person!
found at coffee house vintage

I am really, really wanting a vintage dress form and this children's form is adorable!
found at livingston and porter

Be still my beating heart.... I want a Butler's Pantry so badly... so so badly!  I would love to just drive up and get this bad boy!
found at whimsnwishes

Oh and I really would love, love, love to see your furniture that you adore... so send me a photo with a little ditty about it and I will post them all on Monday, August 16 and we can all have vintage envy when we see each other's goods!

I am off to take Collette to the booth and doing a little fluffing.  I will have a great Friday Etsy Favorites next week... I have been saving it!  And, maybe a furniture redo... don't hold your breath on that last one... I have a baby turning two on Saturday!
Bye for now!

A Secretary, a King, and a Duck

all walk into a bar and the Secretary orders.....

No, really this isn't a post about a joke.  This is more of a post about the pressing issues on my mind involving the furniture in my house that I love and desperately want to work.  I am seriously obsessing over this in between wondering if I have enough orange and aqua blue pom poms for the 2nd birthday coming up next week.  
Let's start with the Secretary.... that is pretty simple... I even think I know what colors Kate is going to be (isn't Kate a perfect name for a classy Secretary that greets you when you walk in the door?) 

Now, this isn't my classy lady Kate.... I don't have a before photo of her yet, but it gives you an idea of what she sort of looks like, but my girl Kate needs some work... 
And, if you read closely before, you read correctly "colors"  
We are talking special *just for me* colors, and maybe some vintage wallpaper or a fun color on the back of the upper cabinet.  This girl is staying... if you recall a long time ago, I mentioned here that I have been wanting one.... well, I found one while out looking for booth lovelies.  She was was in front of the now beautiful Collette. The guy even asked me what color I would paint her...I think she winked at me and whispered "make me pretty!"

And, a few days later, Mr. Hughes told the guy that he would be out to get her to shut me up (I made that part up, but that sounds like something he would say.)  She is now in the garage, just waiting for baby hughes to turn 2 and for my sister's kitchen table to be painted (I have priorities... and my monster and sister come before my desire to love this lady... plus, I need some time to find the perfect jewelry...)

Now, about that King....
(it is amazing about how many of my posts involve me obsessing over some piece of furniture... maybe I should see someone about this *wink*)
anyhow, back to the matter at hand.  The King...
this is actually a new obsession involving an old one...
(seriously, need  help)

These are 2 twins that Mr. Hughes found on craigslist to shut me up about the 2 cane and wood ones.  We thought we would hang on to them until we moved far away and lived happily ever after.  Well, kids, I just don't think that is happening anytime soon.  And, in the meantime, we could use a bigger bed and a new mattress... did you know 2 twins = 1 king....
So, last night, while Mr. Hughes was out, and I bribed the baby with a Handy Manny movie, I lugged 2 twins upstairs.  Yep... sure did! Mr. Hughes wasn't too happy about it... said some nonsense about me not being as young as I used to be.... what?!?
So, at about 9:30 pm, we constructed 2 twins in our room in front of our current queen.  And, I think it looked great.  Now, there are some technical aspects that will have to be dealt with to make this happen, but that is boring and lets face it, in my house, the Mr's job.
But, here is why I am hesitant...
A. (or do you prefer 1?) The bed will have to go in front of the windows... the headboards are low so hopefully it won't block too much.  I need the light.
B.  We will have to save a buy a new king mattress AND bedding.  I have a lovely duvet that I JUST bought last year.  And, I love it, so hopefully I can size up.
C. I have 2 wonderful, handmade by my Mommy, queen size quilts that she put a lot of time and money into... can I ask her to make me a king.?

Are kings really that much better than queens?  What about blocking that window?  I really do want to know what you think, but just know, I will probably do what I want.

The bright side to doing this is that the Tara could be my nightstand along with a Tara II for Mr. Hughes (that doesn't sound quite right.....)

So, all of THIS got me to thinking... I bet some of you have some pieces that you love, love, love.  And, that you would want to share....
so how about this....
I will do a post or a couple of posts with photos that you can email me with a short description or story about how you stole it from someone or how it was uglier than a kick in the shin at midnight (that was my dad's phrase... I think it lost something in the Spanish to English translation...) before you made it over.
So, if you want to participate, send me your stuff at 

michelle at vintagejunky dot com

 If you have a blog, be sure to send the link so I can link to you in the post... I thought we could so it this way instead of a McKlinky.  I would love to have them by August 12 so I could get the post together by the 16th (that's a Monday, Friday seems too obvious!)  Oh, and here are the rules (sorry) it needs to be furniture and it needs to be vintage.  Oh, and you have to love it!  If this is super popular, then maybe I will have to split it into a few posts.... what do you think... are you game?

Well, kids, that is all I have for you today!
Bye for now!

there was never a duck... just put that in for funsies

Charlotte and Collette

Hello there!  How are you doing?  We have been trying to keep cool all weekend.... seriously, I woke up early Saturday and closed all the shades and curtains to help keep the house cool.  We hunkered down like we were wanted by the FBI.  Which explains my productivity.... you may remember the "befores" of the two pieces I was working on from this post.  Well, here are the "afters...."

Here is Charlotte.  She is painted a soft warm grey.  And can be used in so many places...

I love the detail on the side.  We removed the marble top that can be seen in the before photo because it was cracked and we have another plan for it *wink*  Not to worry though, Charlotte is very pretty, but hasn't replaced the lovely Tara.  Tara may have to move soon or completely out though.... *sniff, sniff* because I got a piece that I have been wanting for awhile.... now, if I could just get Mr. Hughes to help me lug some heavy furniture upstairs, we could see if everything is going to work in the bedroom, Tara may very well be able to stay!

And, for the after of the previously black buffet...

Meet Collette... she is a little French!  I painted her a pretty cool grey with some contrasting white accents.  

I love her!  So much!  Right now, she is crowding up the kitchen nook... I couldn't banish her to the garage after she got her makeover.  I have a dresser that is needing a makeover that only came with two vintage crystal knobs, well, Collette only needed two, it worked out perfectly.

I can just see this pretty girl with a collection of milk glass vases or mercury glass... swoon... I just happen to have both.  But, she will be moving to the booth (sadly...) when Charlotte sells.  

I also started a little set of nesting tables and a chair today.  See, quite productive (stretching around to pat my back.)  Now, I am going to go sweet talk and bat my eyelashes and see if I can manage to get some furniture moved.... wish me luck!
Bye for now!

Friday Etsy Favorites *Lace*

Happy Friday to you all!  This summer is just flying by... in 2 weeks I will have a 2 year old!  Yikes!  It just goes by so fast... let me know if any of you have figured out how to slow it down.  Well, since I showed you that doily rug last week, I keep thinking about how much I really like lace and doilies.... doilies are so happy and fun. So, the theme of this week's Friday Etsy Favorites is *lace*

I love this! Wouldn't a whole wall of these sprinkled about look just great?
That could be an idea for my powder room that I want to redo.... don't kill me if you are reading this Mr. Hughes!

Love these!  such a pretty blue!
found at olive heart

Grey and doilies?!?  Yes please!  looks like a great, roomy bag and I love the name of the shop!

Isn't this the perfect femme/ masculine pillow?  Just like I like it, not too sweet *wink*
found at evakatharina

again, so sweet, but not too!  This little pouch is perfect for the cowgirl in you
found at track and field *pssst, loads of goodies here *

This necklace is so fun!  I think it would look great with a plain white tee... but I think everything looks good with a plain white tee!
found at white owl

I think this would be perfect in my pear green kitchen.

Green is my favorite color.... this shirt is perfection!
found at new duds

and you can dress up some gifts for your bff's with these!
found at aruricards

Well, there you go.... now I am daydreaming about redoing my powder room doily-ish!  
We are off to the booth to add some goodies and a new piece of furniture.  Then, I will be working on some special little boy's owl birthday party..... I may be going overboard with the pom poms......
Bye for now!

Mary Alice and Works in Progress

Well, hello there!  How's your week?  Mine is fine... sleepy and a little grouchy actually.  Just thought I would show you a booth update with the newest addition (don't have a before... sorry!)
Meet Mary Alice.  Why Mary Alice?  Well, my paper loving husband found a big stack of love letters to a Miss Mary Alice from a suitor.  He was quite fond of Miss Mary Alice... and it made for a pretty drawer liner once blown up.

So, whoever takes this piece home will have a nice little love letter surprise.  

I took her out with some other goodies to the booth on Friday and fluffed... it doesn't look fabulous, but it still has some fun finds.

A vintage rusty medicine cabinet with a fold down towel bar that I added a frosted cross

A little caddy perfect for picking or growing herbs

Some new tea towels on a rustic ladder

and a vintage birdcage spiffed up with a fun blue and moss... ready to add more small treasures (Mr. Hughes wants me to add a small rubber tiger to it.... so silly.... it needs a ceramic dog!)

I am currently working on:

This buffet and 

This table.... sorry for the bad before photos... only one was mine!

We have halted the stair project and the bedroom.  The bedroom doesn't need a lot... we may have shifted gears.  And, the stairs may still happen soon, but I am in birthday party mode right now and....


 That is right, baby hughes peed on the potty for the very first time Sunday night. Now, it was a complete accident or perfect timing since he is not 2 yet (and I have heard boys are harder to train and they finish later) but sure I will try it.  

oh, and I have started an email list at the booth, so if you would like to be added to the list, let me know and I will get a small newsletter sent out soon.

Bye for now, 

Friday Etsy Favorites *French*

Happy Friday everyone!  I haven't been working on that bedroom redo that I mentioned... only because there may be a change of plans there... a good change of plans.... something that will require heavy lifting and some choice French words.  Which brings me to this Friday's Etsy Favorites theme: French.
I came up with a few wonderful items that are actually in my favorites that I haven't purchased yet.

I love paper and stationery.  And, I have often told Mr. Hughes that I wish I had a letterpress... so I could make beautiful cards like this. Found at letterpress.

And, I love the smell of lavender... it is warm and clean and crisp all at the same time.  You can find lavender sachets and scented items all over, but are they as pretty as these found here at dedeetsyshop?

You can't get anymore French than a vintage French paper.... I am sure that it would look perfect framed! Found at comeungarcon (located in France!)

I have a thing for embroidery hoops and this little French Bulldog is adorable!

Another obsession of mine... vintage mirrors.  And it is French grey.... so pretty...
Found at myparisroses

And, here is yet another obsession ( I promise I don't need to be committed... yet)  I love vintage crocks with writing on them... I have loads of Dundees and even a small French Mustard Jar.  But I don't have this one.  Found at eamartin6

And, finally, this gorgeous rug... I guess it isn't technically French, but it goes nicely with the whole collection.... Isn't it the best?  Are there words to describe the fabulousness?  I want it.

So, go visit these shops and show them some love... and if you must, buy something that is in my favorites!

I have a weekend planned of painting furniture... I have a few pieces finished that I will show you on Monday.

Have a most wonderful weekend!

Bye for now!

Last Weekend and the Evolving Booth

Last weekend, after a busy week, we decided that we needed to go treasure hunting.  We started out a bit late for where we were going... we wanted to try to hit a store that we are always missing in order to find some more furniture for me to paint for the booth.  We started out in Leiper's Fork.  It is such a cute, tiny little town... maybe smaller than Bell Buckle.  It has a few galleries and it is a great place to go hear live music.  They keep the town small and quaint on purpose.  I have heard that quite a few country music stars live out there.

All of the little houses that line the main part of town are beautifully restored.  Not my taste in colors, but still very cute.

This store is one of my favorite in the world.  Lots of goodies!  Like jaw dropping goodies... too bad I can only afford some French soap.  I didn't think that they would let us take photos inside, but next time I will ask... 
I also wish we would have gotten a photo of the owners cute black 50s model Ford with her logo on the side... adorable.  I am thinking Vintage Junky needs one of those *wink*  I will settle for anything bigger than our Honda for now... not so good for hauling furniture.

We then moved on to Dickson where we went to a ton of shops and took no photos... bad blogger!

We did find a few pieces though that are drying as we speak.  And, good thing too... I need some furniture!!

 We went out to the booth on Wednesday and added the Holly chairs and the Emilie table.

Then, I got a call Thursday afternoon that the table sold... well, that means most things would be on the floor.  So, I stayed up late and got some stuff together which I took out Friday morning and did a quick little makeover.

I added a fun flash card garland and just fluffed a bit.  I didn't have a table finished, so I stacked up some crates for the time being. 

I stenciled a crate for my flower pins and added some moss...

 The next day while we were in Dickson, I got the call that the Holly chairs sold and that someone wanted another pair of them (I only have one more chair like that, but it is in the process of getting Hollified... that may actually be a real word with a very different meaning....) So the next day, we went out to take a table and a stool and fluff a little more (no photos, we were in a rush for our company coming over)

Well, wouldn't you know it, that table sold yesterday.  So, I have a nearly empty booth until I can get back out there on Friday... a good problem to have, but a little overwhelming at the same time. So, thanks again for all your Vintage Junky love.  I love doing this.  I hope to show you a bedroom update later this week.  I am also hoping we get started on the stairs, but I am not holding my breath.... I am also planning a fabulous owl birthday party for my favorite 2 year old (and person in general!)

Bye for now!


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