We have a winner!!!!

Hello all!  Let me start off by saying that you guys really wanted this chalkboard... like really!  Thanks so much for entering and if I could convince the Mr. to make one for all of you I would... but I need him to do other things... like patch the hole in the ceiling where the weird-o leak came through the light fixture... very strange.  Anyhow, the winner is Lauren Hitch!!!  Lauren, email me at michelle at vintagejunky.com and I will get the process started! Thanks so much for all the love and support.  You guys really are the greatest.  

Okay, now I have to manage to put the boy down for a nap, totally rearrange the house quietly and before the Mr. gets back... I go this wild hair (whilst in the shower, washing my hair) to move some stuff around and give our space a little switcheroo.  If it stays, I will share photos next week. 

Wish me luck! *wink*

bye for now!!


  1. *sigh* Oh well..but Congratulations to the winner! And I would still like to say how great it was for y'all to offer this as a prize.


  2. Congratulations, Lauren. Green with envy over here! ;)

  3. Congrats Lauren !! I already had a spot and everything for my sign if I won ;) heehee..maybe next time! That was a super fun giveaway..thanks for the opportunity Vintage Junky!

  4. Michelle, I was in your booth today at Winchester antiques in Franklin. Loved it! We were in Nashville for the vintage market show in hendersonville. Loved that too! Saw your card and realized you were a blogger. I love your style and am your newest follower.

    Lou cinda

  5. Congrats Congrats Congrats!!


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