Friday Etsy Favorites *Black and White*

Hello and happy Friday to you!
The weather here has been sublime for the past few days.  I think I will put my hands into some dirt this weekend and enjoy the weather.
Last week I was really colorful with my favorites, but this week... this week I will give you a color combination near to my heart.
*Black and White*

What an awesome chalkboard!  Since both our moms live in Tennessee a few hours in opposite directions from us, this would be a fun thing to have around the house.

I love vintage clocks and this one is just perfect!!

I think this will be a "must own" for me!  Love the feathers!

love this vintage sheet music!
found~ lapomme

White and scrappy and Union Jack....
does it get any better?

I like the vintage line of signs from this store.... it really will be alright!
found~ evajuliet

How classy and simple is this tee?  Love!
found~ lamarquisedesanges

There is something so fun about a vintage brownie camera!
found~ camelotia

Awesome vintage clock face!
found~ oldcrowfarm

I love embroidery hoop art.  And I adore what the shop owner says in the description... sometimes we have to give into the "wannados"
found~ twigsandlace

So I have no clue what I would do with them beside hang them up or set them on a table, but how awesome are these?
found~ dkgeneralstore

These alphabets on vellum are perfect for the vintage type lover, like me!
found~ GraciesCottage

Ahhh... ironstone... how I love theee...
found~ zinniacottage

What a sweet sign!
found~ shop13

How did more ironstone get in here?
I have no clue....
found~ shophothouse

And how cute is this wristlet?
SO cute that it is in my purse right now!!!
found~ bayousalvage

Well kids, I am going to find some trouble to get into... I am sure baby hughes and I can find something wonderful to do on this Springy day!
Happy Weekend!
bye for now!


  1. Michelle ~ love the white and black and I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage clocks ~ Happy Friday to you!

  2. great black & white- I want it all!

  3. Lovely finds! I can't decide which I love more: the sheet music or the union jack pillow!

    Thanks for sharing - some of these shops I never saw before and I am obsessed with Etsy!


  4. hey! great blog you got here must add it to my favourites!

  5. Love it! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  6. Love everything...actually...lots of these are on my favorites list too ;o)

  7. oh Michelle you have put a stunning collection together !! merci so much fro making me part of it and for the inspiration too !!

  8. I love these B&W favs :) That ruffled ticking wristlet is on my "must" list....I "must" have it to match my ruffled ticking tote bag from them :)

    *ps - I have that Union Jack pillow by the way :)

    Have a great weekend sweetie!!

  9. Wonderful finds...we're honored to be included...thanks!


  10. That vintage clock is perfect! I have been looking for a good one for my bedroom for so long.

  11. I love it and white is my favorite color combo! Cool post...Have a nice weekend.

  12. Love all of it.. but I really want that hair clip... it's a new obsession of mine!

  13. Your finds are total eye candy! Thanks for sharing! X

  14. Oh my goodness. I love each and every one of your treasures. Those piano keys are just waiting to be transformed, love them.

  15. Amazing collection. Thank you so much for letting us be apart of it.

  16. Great Etsy finds! Etsy is a great place to shop. There is so much to choose from. Very nice blog:)

  17. Black and white always classic. Timeless look.


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