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happy Tuesday!  Hope your weekend was wonderful!  Last week I was mopey about my girlfriend moving  (still am *wink*) but she came in town for a short visit, but it was great!  And, I said one of the best (the best!) things about blogging is the people you meet and the friendships that you make.  It is the same way with having the shoppe.

  I get to meet lots of people... most of them sharing the same interests as I do.  And that is awesome, because let me tell you... most of my friends and family don't really understand my obsession with old stuff and constantly moving stuff around... they are supportive, but they don't *get* it.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have gotten to meet in person a few people that you may already know through their blogs.  A few weeks ago, I got to meet Susan from A Vintage Farmwife. It was a short visit (17 minutes) but I am so glad her and her husband stopped by on their way to Florida.  We had a great time chatting and getting to know one another a little bit better.

Then, last week I got to meet Mary from Urban Farmgirl.  Now, Mary and I have talked back and forth via email and comments and all the other social tools we have in our arsenal these days.  I was thrilled to finally meet her in person.  We were able to chat for quite a while on Thursday and then she came back with her Mr. on Saturday.  She is so sweet!  And genuine.  I am glad I like her even more in person than I do off her blog.

I had so much fun!!  I think they tried to leave several times while I was talking her ear off with one more thing I needed to say.  What can I say?  I am a chatter.  I can't wait to see her again!  I wish I would have been able to leave the shoppe and go junk with her.  She did a little for me and my mantle has one more trophy on it now *wink*

And, I was thinking all us vintage lovers need an App for that!  Like the ability to create a wishlist and send it to one another and then snap a photo and send it to the wisher.  I mean, that is what she did, but it would be nice to have it all together.

I was sad to see her go, but I am pretty sure she will be back... maybe soon! Well, I bet she will wait until after tornado season is over!!

Now, you are probably wondering if my photography skills got infinitely better... or maybe you caught the watermark.  Last week I also met Jenny Cruger, who is obviously an amazing photographer.  We had been emailing back and forth about some furniture for me to paint and I checked out her site and loved her look.  So, now she is going to do a little family photo shoot this May!  

That is on my bucket list for 2012, so I am pretty excited about it.  She stopped by again last Saturday and snapped a few of the shoppe.

I think she captured it beautifully.... It is exactly the look and feel I want people to take with them.

It is amazing what a different eye (and lens) can see.

I loved looking through the shots, because even though I arrange and fluff most of the shoppe,  I don't know that I have seen my shoppe in the same way that Jenny did.

You can see more of the shoppe by visiting Jenny's blog.

So, thanks Susan, Mary, Jenny and all the others that have visited the shoppe in person and virtually.  It is with your friendship and support that this little dream is a real live shoppe.

I will be back soon with some home photos... I moved some stuff here... and then some stuff there... and some stuff needs to move out!

bye for now!


  1. I was just trying to gather a post about the same things!! I had SO MUCH fun visiting you. You can tell I am a talker, too! I could have stayed all day - both days and then followed you home afterwards! Lol!

    {sigh...} why can't we live closer? Oh, the fun we could have!

    LOVE Jenny's photos, I wish mine were as good as hers! I mean seriously...the way she captured it is pure PERFECTION! They really should be in a magazine somewhere...just sayin'...



  2. Beautiful photos! I stopped in on a Saturday a week or so ago. I met your husband and had a nice chat about a few items in the store. Several things I wanted but left with an old schoolhouse nature book. I could not leave the store without it! I hope to stop in during the morning hours one day to meet you. I only live five minutes away so hopefully I can soon! So many lovely treasures!

  3. Such a true statement about friends and family not quite "getting" what we do. Funny! Your shoppe looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm jealous that you got to meet Mary! ;)


  4. Yes! Yes! So true about others 'not getting it'. Family and friends always come into my home commenting that nothing is the same as the last time they were there...don't they know me by now??!! LOVE Jenny's pcitures of the shop...hope to make my way down there sometime.

  5. hi, i am new to your blog and absolutely love your store! that is my dream, is to have a store of vintage treasures! thank you for being an inspiration! love it, and Jenny's photography is beautiful!

  6. I hope i can stop in sometime, so far from clarksville! Everything is so beautiful.

  7. Yeah so happy you got to meet all these wonderful people!!! your shoppe is amazing Michelle, but honestly I always knew it would be and now you have some fantastic photos to show peeps virtually...!! Hope your photo shoot goes well, but then again it is YOU and YOU will make it great! muwahh! T

  8. Glad to know where you are. My children live in Nashville and we make a trip every month. I just love Franklin and I've been to that Mall. Will look you up next time. Hope you'll follow me. Im your newest follower.

  9. I miss doing shows - that was my outlet to meet my customers. With all of the expanding I've done in the last couple months with my new space, I've pretty much decided shows may not be a part of my life this year. I need to feel the dust settle before I try to take on too much! I'll echo the sentiments above of meeting Mary! How fun to chat!

  10. What a treat!!! Love meeting new friends!! Having the same passion for vintage treasures, blogging, chatting = friendship
    Your store looks sooo good!!! I'm so thrilled with your success!!!!

  11. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones to visit your shop someday!
    Lucky you and lucky Mary, getting to meet each other. :-)

  12. How fun to meet so many blogger friends in person! I've only met one in person so far :) -- Rosemary from Villa Barnes and she is a real sweetie as well as a master artist! I know that my husband 'gets' my love of 'crap' but most others kind of just nod and smile when I see something I love. Great pictures of your space -- thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Michelle-Thank you so much for the shout-out in your post! It means a lot to me. I am looking back and thinking it was absolutely CRAZY that I stuck to my allotted time in your shop. That is an indication of how much we needed a vacation! I also realized I spent a wad of money in just a few minutes, so maybe it is good that I wasn't able to stay longer. Yeeks!!! The pics Jenny took are wonderful-what an eye. I see that your shop has a totally different look now than it did a month ago- GO YOU!!!! Can't wait to come back for a long visit so I can go to all the shops in your area, and I'd like to exercise with the girls in the gym across the street! How fun would that be-working out surrounded by things that make me squeal! Have a great day!

  14. Beautiful pictures! I hope to meet Mary at the flea market this summer...your visit sounds like fun!

  15. Beautiful photos...taking better photos is on my bucket list. Your shop looks amazing and I'd love to visit one day.
    Mary was in TN? Lucky she!


  16. I just found you via some pics on Pinterest...LOVE your style! Gonna follow along for more beautiful inspiration :) Thanks, Laurel


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