Etsy Friday Favorites *Bright, Sunshiny Days*

Hello there~  So, I think it is pretty obvious what I am aching for today.  I cursed myself the other day when I was feeling a little mopey that winter has gone by and we haven't had a decent snow here.  Now, it is grey and 35ish and I am kicking myself.  If it is going to be this cold here, we may as well have a little flurry action.  So I am cuddled up with my boy, drinking hot green tea and dreaming of
*Bright, Sunshiny Days*

How cheerful and sunny is this little canvas?  Such a simple, but happy sentiment

What says warm, breezy days?  Pinwheels of course!  I am in love... like really, IN LOVE with this sweet little necklace
found~ junghwa

How fun are these summery pencils?
found~ onefinedae

Add some sunshine to your neck!
found~ Tessyla

These fun, vintage sheet prints are begging to be used for something fun

Sometimes, you have to make your own sunshine and this stamp is a great reminder!

Isn't this photo just the epitome of a perfect, summery day?
found~ lolasroom

Ahhh.... I can almost feel the warmth on my eyelids....

So, I am off to the shoppe... we have a lot of new furniture pieces and I can't wait to get my hands on them!  Have a great weekend!

bye for now!


  1. Thank you for including my print!
    This blog post is just what I need. I have flu aches and a throat infection, my children have taken it in turns to be ill throughout winter. I want Spring please!
    This is a lovely "feel good" collection.

  2. Well, isn't this just a HAPPY post! LOVE IT! I never thought I would say pencils were so fun & cute, but you have changed me! I must have them!

    Off to Etsy...


  3. Great finds - lovely stuff!

  4. I love those...good idea...I don't have time always to browse Etsy! Yay!

  5. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much for featuring my pinwheel necklace!! I am looking forward to summer too. :)

  6. Hi Michelle! What a sweet surprise. Thank you for sharing my pencils on your blog. Have a great weekend!

  7. The pinwheel necklace is darling, as well as those pencils!! spring is a'comin', don't you fret my dear!


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