Friday Etsy Favorites * What I Really, Really Want*

I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want......
yes, I had to go there.  Ahh the Spice Girls, what happened to you?
So, after looking through my faves for a suitable theme... a cohesiveness... it just wasn't there.  
What was there was lots of pretty things that I really, really want.
So here's *What I really, really want*

 This sweet wooden bow is incredible... love it
found~ uncommon

Now, I am realistic and I know that this probably won't be a birthday gift, but maybe if I blow all 32 candles out at once next month it will be there on Christmas morning *wink*

This etsy shop has all kinds of vintage (working) alarm clocks in fun colors. I have several saved in my favorites... greens and aquas of course!

  these wooden doily coasters are lighter than the ones that baby hughes throws around now
found~ uncommon

Okay, I really, really, really NEED a dress form people!  How else am I going to properly photograph my flower pins in my etsy shop.

And I try really hard to look through rose colored glasses, but a pretty reminder, say on my nightstand wouldn't hurt...

Ahh scarfs... how I love a pretty, warm scarf. I will take either of these

mmm... grey *smiles*

 This necklace is gorgeous... so pretty and vintage like.
found~ tinatarnoff

So, that is what I am seriously, seriously crushing on lately.

I think we are laying kind of low this weekend... maybe get started on the train table and some other fun stuff in the library/office/now playroom. Maybe some Christmas ornaments
Have a wonderful weekend!

Bye for Now!


  1. Michelle - I love every one of these too! What great picks you found. Have a great weekend. I'm off to browse their shops.

    Vicki at Rusty Rooster Vintage

  2. Michelle -

    Thanks for introducing me to your lovely blog. I'm hooked. Great choices for Friday, and thanks for including my scarf. It's warm, cozy, and really pretty too! Merci!

  3. i will be singing that song all day long. good thing it's a number my girl and i can dance to. ;)

    you definitely need that dress form! she's gorgeous and i just know you'd give her a fab name to match.

    have a happy weekend!

  4. Oh the Spice cheesy, but so catchy :) Everytime I hear that song I cant help but sing and dance around like a dork!
    Those coasters have been on my wish list too (love how they look like lace!), and that vintage wooden file drawer....its in my favorites too.
    Have a lovely weekend Michelle! Be sure to stop by and enter my Giveaway :D

  5. Hey Michelle! Thank you for mentioning my dress form and hardware store cabinet on your blog! I like them a lot too ;-) Love you blog, really, really cool finds. Happy Friday!

  6. Loving that vintage clock! And those scarves are just adorable! :) I hope Santa brings you everything on your list, Michelle! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Thank you very much for including my alarm clock in this list!

  8. They are all lovely wants. I really love those scarves and have the same ones saved too =0)
    Hope you get them all.
    Ness xx


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