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My favorite gift

Country Living  asked me about one of my favorite gifts and I mentioned this pretty vintage find in my favorite shade of my favorite color.  The Mr bought me this typewriter last Christmas and it is one of my favorite gifts (and finds!) ever.

I have been busy finishing up projects and starting new ones... all small.  And, I think I am about ready for Christmas decorating in a week or two.  This chilly weather did it! I think I really just want to snip some new snowflakes.

More soon~

Just a touch of inspiration

 I took down all the Christmas (including the snowflakes) and the house seems so bare.  While it always looks cleaner after Christmas, I felt that the place needed a little pick me up and was inspired by one of my Christmas gifts...

My typewriter.  My beautiful green, petite vintage Royal typewriter.  How I love thee!  

Now, I realize that green (specifically emerald) is the Pantone color of the year, but I jumped on the green bandwagon ages ago... seriously.  I was 7, loved pink and pink and pink.  I turned 8 and I loved green.  Still do, even though I flirt with yellow and aqua as my bright choices. 

 So, I had the color matched as closely as possible with no specific purpose. I have been slowly but surely remaking my living room over the past several months.  I had a coffee table that was unpainted > became an upholstered bench with painted legs > back to a coffee table painted black > and now looks like this >

This room needed to be lighter.  Goldfish crumbs show up more on black. So,  I painted it one of my pale greys and distressed it and all that jazz.  But, I had this overwhelming wild hair to add something.  Enter the Typewriter Green paint.  

It adds a little something... but just a little.  I could have cropped the kiddo out on the sofa as well, but that adds a little something too, don't you think? 

Bye for now~
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