Tiny Trucks....

Hello and happy Friday!  I had fun making these last year and I normally don't think about Christmas until at least after Halloween (at least I pretend I don't think about it *wink*) but, I have had several emails wondering if these will be available this year.  So, I listed what I had just now.

You can buy in my etsy shoppe

hope you have a very lovely weekend!

bye for now~

Frame Hoarder

hello there!  I am blogging sitting in my living room as usual.  Right now, there are 2 sofas in here.  And I am feeling like a hoarder.  In my defense, one of the sofas is on Craigslist waiting for its new home.  My older sofa has a lovely new slipcover that I would *love* to share, but my home is a bit of a disaster as we are reworking some rooms.  So it will have to wait.  But, soon, I promise.  On top of hoarding sofas (and ironstone, and mercury glass,vintage trophies....) I also have a problem with antique frames.  I am a frame hoarder.  Doesn't that sound repulsive?!?  I am though.  I always pick them up... they are so lovely in their chippiness and odd sizes.  Sometimes I will paint them.  Sometimes I won't.  Every now and then I will weed some out and let some go.  But it is always so hard.  I always remember the ones that I really should have kept.  I will be taking some to the shoppe this weekend after I decide which ones make the cut.  And, when one goes home with someone else, I will feel a little stab of pain...  almost like the pain of letting go a piece of English ironstone....

For all of you who collect and then sell some, what is the hardest thing to let go?

Okay, I have a full house in the workshop, so I am off to work... it isn't going to bibbity bobbity boo itself done *wink*

bye for now~

Around the Shoppe

Hello all!  Today was one of those great rainy days!  I was excited to be back at the shoppe after a little break from it last weekend to restock and *roadtrip*  We picked up some great furniture over the past week and if you follow along on Facebook you have probably seen some of the finished pieces already. 

We created quite a few lamps and shades for the barn show and we have some more waiting in the wings.  I love lighting!  I love interesting lamps and I really love making shades as well.

This pretty buffet is the first thing that sold today... it will be in a nursery!  I always love to know that my furniture pieces will be in a baby's room!

I have a thing for bachelor's chests and I always have to pick them up when I see them.  I painted the hidden drawers the contrasting color on the insets and knobs.  I love the spindle-y legs of this one too.

As always, it isn't all work at the shoppe.  Today, the Mr picked up the guitar and then baby hughes picked up some clothespins and turned them into drumsticks for a little jam session.  I think the lunch pail drums drowned out the acoustic... imagine that *wink* We also managed to fit in some games of *Go Fish* It is relatively new around here and quite entertaining to play... I love games!

Tomorrow, our neighbors, the Spring Hill Antique Mall, are hosting an autumn vintage market with handmade, vintage, food, and music from 9-6, so I am looking forward to sneaking over there at some point.  If you are in the area, you should stop by... the Spring one had a great turnout even though it was f r e e z i n g for April.

I am still adding to the shoppe over the next week... we have finished some other handmade items and repurposed *stuff* that we just need to put the finishing touches on.

Have a lovely *Fall* weekend!  Go crunch some leaves!  We are enjoying it!

bye for now~

Creatively Made Home

Hello all!  It is cool and crisp here in Tennessee and something about this weather is making me want to fluff and edit and do some cleaning and decorating.  Maybe my internal clock is off, but I am way more of a fall cleaner/ fluffer than a spring cleaner.    Which is why I would like to introduce this 5 week online course hosted by some of my (and yours too!) very favorite bloggers:

Each of these amazingly talented ladies will share their journey into how they began making their home a cozy and restful place for their families. There will be videos and recipes along with fun info on gift giving!

The course begins on October 22nd, but you can register now!  There is so much they are ready to share with you and you can register and get more info at Creatively Made Home.

It sounds like so much fun and the perfect treat to yourself right before the holidays!

bye for now~
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