The Big Boy Room

Happy Monday!  I am finally 95% finished with the big boy room and it is finally straightened enough to take some photos of it.  For some reason, I felt that a change was coming in the past few weeks... my intuition was perked or peaked or something.  So, I felt this push to get this room finished and repaint another room... it was almost as if I was nesting (and I am not.)  So, I feel good that baby hughes' space is finished before we open the shoppe.  

I thought you guys might like a tour... so c'mon in.

This chest of drawers has been waiting a makeover for some time.  It was my grandpa's, then mine, now the hyena's.  It has been painted and stained and painted and painted again.  Who knows what it originally looked like.  It is an awesome piece that I will treasure forever.... underneath that paint, my grandpa carved his name in the side.

I got this great idea for an original  mobile (who says mobiles are just for babies?)  And, I set to work on it.  Then I looked up paper airplane mobile on pinterest.  Well, wouldn't you know it?  Someone else did the same thing with an old bike tire and some comic book pages.  oh well!


The view from his little reading chair... I think it is fun and magical!

The kiddo has some books.  Lots of them.  This isn't all.  I am still searching for the perfect bookcase... I mean, I found it already.  But I waited and some other person snatched it up! 

The quilt is very, very  old!  I bought it from some dear friends of ours.  Sometimes quilts are so girly, and this one wasn't.  I love it.  Hopefully, it isn't too fragile to live with this boy of ours. The bed is also vintage and was originally white and I painted it navy.  It just seemed like a color that would grow with him.

I commissioned a Custom Chalk Art piece from Mr. Hughes.  I nagged and nagged him, I mean, asked him sweetly to finish something for above the bed.  baby hughes loves Hazel, our camper, so it is perfect!

We couldn't decide on just one print from yellow heart art, so we got both!  The Mr. and I loved the dino one and baby hughes loved the "super powers" one. (pardon the glare on the dino!)

Just a little spot for dirty clothes (the vintage mail bag) and his cape.  

We made a few changes to the teepee decor.... we had a LOT of faux fox fur left over from his Robin Hood costume.  So, I thought it would be a little cheeky to make a rug for the teepee out of it.  Now, if you know me... like really know me... you know that I am so not into taxidermy or hunting or fur.  I think it is icky.  But, for some reason, this seemed like a good idea. 

 I also made a little campfire pillow.  I had seen this on pinterest and googled it, but it didn't seem like the company was making them anymore.  So, I made one. Every teepee needs a campfire pillow!

When he isn't on his bed, he sits in his little chair and reads... I love coming in to find him like that... sitting quietly with a book in his lap, sensing me spying on him and looking up to give me a grin *teary smiles*  I am searching for the perfect bookcase/ library cart for this space... the basket will move to the closet.  

The windows.... those blasted curtains!  Originally, we started off with tab tops from Target.  They hit the floor.  They were actually a bit long.  Now, no offense if you LOVE tab tops, but I am just not a fan.  I don't like the weird space when you hang them with blinds... and we have bamboo blinds.  So, I thought I would just add a valance or band and be done with it.  In the meantime, I had to wash the curtains, since some little boy ripped the whole rod out of the wall, including anchors.  So, they were rumpled in the closet until the Mr. put them up.  When I pulled  them out of the dryer.... MAJOR shrinkage.  So, I had to configure a way to make them longer, while making them all one length again.   Mr. Hughes was like... just buy new curtains...   I just wanted to use what we had.  It seemed like a waste.  

Mr. Hughes made this before the bambino was born.  Wouldn't you know our giant child was able to make the first mark on the chart!

I sacrificed one of my favorite suitcases from the stack for baby hughes.  It will be some type of storage eventually, but for now it is simply a perch for a few vintage trucks... he picked out the Winnebago  himself.  

Now, some of you will ask where all the toys are... and he does have new toys that aren't wooden and fun.  His train set is actually in the library/ office.  And he has another black basket with toys (mainly stuffed animals) in the closet.  He also has a small bin downstairs under his table.  He isn't lacking, trust me.  His gang is noticeably absent from the photos... a few owls, a puppy and a musical seahorse... he is cuddled with them and a favorite quilt in our bedroom as we speak.

Okay, that's all for now!  I have to go get the paint for the shoppe!  So excited!

bye for now!

sources:  Not all of it is vintage, I promise!

furniture: all vintage,  painted by me
wall color: from the FreshAire line by home depot... I think it has been discontinued
Dino and Super Hero art : yellow heart art on etsy
reading chair: land of nod
train sheets: pottery barn kids
easel: pottery barn kids
Teepee, camp fire pillow and fox: all me!
rug: pottery barn kids (ages ago!)
book shelves: the talented Mr. Hughes
curtains: target, altered by me
lantern nightlight: house8810
camper chalk art: Custom Chalk
wool buntings (on teepee and above bed: monkeypuzzle on etsy
mobile: me
Spot storybook pages: vintage via ebay
horse paint by number: vintage via ebay
Train chalkboard above chest of drawers: vintage
pillows: me
alphabet flashcards: circus font printed on card stock with rounded corners... in other words: us :)
quilt: vintage
wool blanket: can't remember where I got it.  It is a Czech Army blanket that I ordered online.  You can find similar vintage army blanket on ebay.  This one was never used.

If I am forgetting anything, just ask~


  1. Love the 'big boy' room! So cute...and I just read your other post about getting your shop/building/ workplace. Fantabulous! Best of luck and I love reading your posts.

  2. oh wow! i love it!!!! the colors, and details, and that alphabet are awesome!!!

  3. What a great room- you are so creative! Thanks for sharing, it's inspirational!

  4. Hi, first of all love your blog! Great style, and great tips :) just had a question about the framed pages above your son's reading area. Were they bought as is, or did you find some great vintage pages yourself? I want to do something similar for my toddler son's room. Thanks :)

  5. Bethany~ I bought them as is on ebay and had to trim them slightly to fit in a standard frame. I think they are called teacher guides or learning aids (vintage) They were big flip charts that the teachers used while the kids read along in their individual readers. I can't remember exactly what I searched under to find them... we have had them for like 4 years.
    Thanks for the compliment~ xo

  6. Congrats on the shoppe! I remember reading that first post about the other one you found. It's so funny you made him a teepee, I was just telling my bf I want to make the boys a teepee when they get old enough.

  7. Girlfriend, his room is so cheery and happy and big boy all at the same time! I love every single detail, ya know boys room can be so boring but you certainly changed all of that...I bet he loves being in there and napping in there! {he he} it!

  8. That room is fantastic! So many great pieces put together perfectly!

  9. Coolest. Room. Ever.

  10. Bravo!!! his room is fantastic!!! i absolutely love everything you did!!!! Many wonderful memories are going to be made in his big boy room.

  11. Hi Michelle,
    I'm passing along the "Versatile Blogger Award" to you.

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

  12. great room....where did the alphabet pages come from?

  13. You've done a wonderful job. I love it. All the vintage accesories are such a wonderful touch. I adore the chalkboard and the paper airplanes. Adorable.

  14. Where did you get the Dick and Jane prints?


  15. Derek~ I got those pages from ebay... they came from a large teacher learning guide... like a flip chart.

  16. Love the big boy room. The paper airplane mobile is great. I think even my eight year old would love it.


  17. Great inspirations in this room!!! I apologize if you covered this already, but where is the wool grey blanket with white stripes from that is on the bed?


  18. ditto, love that blanket! have been trying to find something similar...

  19. i love everything about this room! did you make the flag garlands? i want the exact colors in my kiddo's room and i was just wondering. :)

  20. I'm loving this room! You are so creative and clever with the little details. Bed, love. Bedding, love. Little displays, mobile, campfire pillow -- love it all!!

  21. Found this off pinterest and I love it! I'm looking into making the mobile- what kind of wheel did you use?


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