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Hello all!  Hope you are doing fabulous! My mother went home from the hospital yesterday and is doing pretty well... thanks for all your prayers!

We are gearing up for the birthday party and I am taking some quiet early morning hours not cleaning or painting like I should be, but adding another project to the list.  It is something that I have been thinking about on and off for awhile... but it sort of makes me sad to tackle it.  The big boy room.  Ugh... it is happening.  baby hughes is growing up!  He has been doing phenomenal with potty training.  The trips to the caboose really work.  So, I think it is time to start thinking about making his room a little less babyish and make it more him.... the rough and tumble, train loving boy that he is.  That being said, I don't want to go all out in a train theme... who knows if he will still love them in 6 months (he will though!)  So, here is a little "before" of what we had in the beginning:

sorry so small... it is an old photo that was sized down

So, while I adore his bright fun animal look, he is really into trains and owls and orange.  So I need to work it all together.  And here are just a few rooms that I love:

I love the fun flags bunting.  We have some buntings already, but I may add these as well.  Or add the little nautical signal flags that spell out baby hughes name.

Maybe I will let baby hughes borrow a few of my suitcases.  Maybe *wink*

I really want to find something to incorporate baby hughes's collections.... mainly he is into "choo-choo rocks."  He is highly selective and will walk around until he finds the best one.  I would love to find something non glass to store them in... or something tempered just in case he gives the jar a shake.

I love this room too... I love all these rooms since they don't look too cluttered and seem to have loads of play room... his room is pretty small.  I don't think we will have an animal head in there... not really into taxidermy.  The map is right up my alley though.

This room is pretty simple but really cozy and fun.  His room is painted very close to the color here. I still love it, so it probably will just get touched up a bit.  And I have been wanting to paint something navy... maybe his bed will get a coat of navy blue paint.

I know that I want to make him a little teepee like this one.  

I really wanted really big gingham print sheets, but when the pottery barn kids catalog came in, he was really loving these sheets.  Pretty cute, huh?

I would love to make this look a bit older... maybe buy one and tea stain it a bit... and then maybe quilt it... maybe not.... it may be too redwhiteblue.  My boy likes orange.

We have already taken down a crib.  The next thing to go will be the changing table. And possibly the changing table.  My baby is turning into a kid with his own set of likes and dislikes.  Is there any way to slow this down?  It just goes so fast!  Okay, back to par-tay stuff!

bye for now!

oh and all sources for photos can be found via pinterest


  1. I adore these rooms and love that teepee! The third picture is actually my inspiration for my sons space of the room...I just adore everything about it! Have a lovely week! Xoxoxo

  2. The teepee reminded me of a friend that lived out of town and actually had a full sized teepee set up outside her house for her girls to play in...not that it wouldn't be fun for big girls or boys, too!
    As to a 'non-glass' rock container, next time you are grocery shopping, take a look at the really large containers of nuts! they are much the same shape, plastic and just maybe the ticket for your little conductor!

  3. Some of your fabulous pieces are featured on Great work!!

  4. Michelle,

    Embrace each stage of Lil Boy Hughes journey -- they all go by much too quickly (except perhaps a girl's adolescence!) Your inspiration rooms are a great starting point for your creativeness. I should let you in on a well kept secret. When you take down the crib, decide to get rid of boxes of baby clothes, you may soon find yourself needing them again!

    Your Friend,

  5. Loved(!) all the rooms you picked out. I think that animal head has a cord hanging down from it. Can't imagine it as a light (or maybe it moves). Regardless, icky. Who can resist Pottery Barn kids. Train sheets.......LOVE. Can't wait to see what you do with his room.

  6. I just adore everything about it! Have a lovely weekend!

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  7. I wish I had a big boy room to do again... I loved creating one for my son and it's still my favorite room!
    Love all the room ideas you many great ones!


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